Elemental College

There are 6 main characters of the story none of them know eachother but they soon will be spending 4 years in the same class in a special school that with destined jobs none of them signed up for.


1. ch. 1

   Hi Im Opal and today I`m going to the sign up/tryout building for college! I don`t really know what I want to be yet but I know which collage I want to join it`s super hard to get into no one even knows what the test is like and those who have taken the test before aren`t allowed to tell which makes sense. So I`ve spent most of my summer studying I know it sounds like a drag but this my future we`re talking about here it`s worth it trust me. Opal arrives at the testing area line for Elemental Collage. So this is it wow it looks cool even from the outside oh people are lining up good thing I got here early so I didn`t have to wait long I`m only 5th in line!

" P-please give me another chance!"

" I`m sorry we are very strict here." The 3rd girl that was in line runs out crying. I know were technically competing but still I feel sorry for her. "Next." The next girl goes in nervously. Oh Right I forgot to tell you readers Elemental College has to facilitys 1 for boys and 1 for girls so I`m in a line full of girls and im next up! " You pass."

"W-what? really!? oh thank goodness." The girl does not come out because she is on the bus to the school now. You see readers the school provides you with everything you need you may bring an object of importance with you but nothing else. 

"Next." Oh! im up. Opal heads inside to see a dark room with a few dim lights and a spotlight on the headmistress and her 2 body guards. " What is your first name?"


" Okay Miss Opal for your test I want you to close your eyes." Umm thats a bit weird but ok I`ll close my eyes. " Okay now I have put some choices on the ground for you I want you to choose 1 of them without opening your eyes there is no right or wrong answer but you need to trust your Instincts." I do as she says and my body starts to tell me where to go I move strait forward about 2 feet then I stop and feel a rush within me its warm and tells me where to go next I go left then forward then left again then I stop and i lean down I pick something up and It`s comforting then I pass out I feel like Im floating in darkness then i feel a rush of power its changing me but not in a way that makes me feel not like me but it makes me feel more powerful but not irresponsible then I wake up the body guards are  at either side of me and the head mistress is in front of me. " You pass." I passed yes I so happy but I still feel strange.

" Headmistress why do I feel weird?"

" I`ll explain on the bus but for now go onto bus 5 and wear this before you go on make sure to tuck in your hair." hmm this is a bit weird but ok I put the hooded robes on and head onto bus 5. 

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