Prince Charmings

Maxine Washton:
A regular commoner from the kingdom Cray. She isn't that type of girl that you could find she's IREGULAR! "Oh shut up!" "What!? Could you see I'm trying to narrate here!" "I don't care! SHE ISN'T IREGULAR! I THINK YOUR READING THE SCRIPT WRONG!" "NO IM NOT READING IT WRONG! MAYBE YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO READ OR LISTEN!" "Whatever! Just go on with the story." "Ehm... So Maxine isn't a girl you won't expect her to be." "Ok?" "You know what! Just read it. I'll come back and narrate things later after I take good care of this nuisance here beside me. BYE!!"


4. New Kingdom; New Beginnings

Maxine's POV

It's been two days since my travel. I need to find someplace to stay... Oh lucky! An old cabin. There was a wall on this side of it. Maybe it's use for protection? "Hello?" I said as I knocked "hello? Hello?" I stopped knocking. "Ugh... No one is in here. Might as well just take a nap here." I laid my head on my bag so that I would feel comfortable. I couldn't sleep due to the noise. There were people giggling, talking, and playing. I moved closer to the wall so I will be able to feel comfortable and secure.

"You can't catch me!" A guy over the wall said. I saw a figure above me then I looked... I saw a guy. A handsome one. He has blonde hair and the most blue eyes I'd ever seen. "Oh... Uh..." He fell. Two people went to the guys aid. One was a girl while the other one was a boy. "Luke are you alright?" The girl asked. "Yeah I am." "What's one plus one?" The guy asked."Purple." Luke replied. "Oh I knew it." The guy whinnied. 'I need to escape from these people.' I thought to myself. I crawled hoping not to be seen but I guess my luck has run out. "Hold it." Luke said. I got frightened so I stopped moving and tugged my hood. His hands swiftly grabbed my hood and removed it. His eyes gleamed with awe. He saw my hair.

Luke's POV

"You can't catch me!" I said to James and Jane; the twins. I jumped over the wall . Cue that camera flashes effect. Who is that person? What he/she doing here? It's a girl! She looked at me and we made eye contact for like 5 seconds. Wow! Her eyes... I... I can't explain it or them. Their majestic. She turned around so she was facing the wall of the house and then... Drum roll please... I fell. Wow! Nice Luke... Nice... You did a great job landing there. I landed FACE FIRST! (Ouch!) I hope she didn't see me fall. "Luke are you alright?" Jane asked. "Yeah I am." "What's one plus one?" James asked."Purple." I replied. "Oh I knew it." James whinnied. "C'mon it's not like a severe head damage." "I'm just concerned." The girl behind me moved "Hold it." I said. She stopped crawling and when I turned around I saw her hiding her face and so I tugged her hood and I saw the most beautiful hair and pair of eyes.

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