Prince Charmings

Maxine Washton:
A regular commoner from the kingdom Cray. She isn't that type of girl that you could find she's IREGULAR! "Oh shut up!" "What!? Could you see I'm trying to narrate here!" "I don't care! SHE ISN'T IREGULAR! I THINK YOUR READING THE SCRIPT WRONG!" "NO IM NOT READING IT WRONG! MAYBE YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO READ OR LISTEN!" "Whatever! Just go on with the story." "Ehm... So Maxine isn't a girl you won't expect her to be." "Ok?" "You know what! Just read it. I'll come back and narrate things later after I take good care of this nuisance here beside me. BYE!!"


5. New Commoner

Luke's POV

"Who are you?" I asked the girl. "Um... I- I'm... Maxine Washton." She said shyly. "Oh... I'm Luke Hemmings. This is Jane and this is James. Don't get them confused from each other I know their twins but Jane is a girl with just short hair and she doesn't have any dimples." I explained.

"James open the door." "Okay." He opened the door to the house. "You live here?" Maxine asked. "Well no. This is just our resting place whenever we're tired. This is where we rest and continue with our day if we weren't tired." I said. I looked at Maxine and the expression of confusion is plastered across her face. "It's basically our rest house." I told her. "Oh cool." She replied. We went to the woods for a quick walk. "Where do you live then?" She asked. "Well you'll find out later." I said. The atmosphere became awkward but I know I have to break it. "So what brings you here?" I asked. She quickly looked down on her feet "well um... I ran away from home." "Why? Was something wrong?" "Well... Um... Yeah... You see due to my one of a kind hair and eyes I was offered to be a wife of some prince." She explained. "Wow! That must be harsh." "Yeah. I don't like being loved by someone who just loves me by my looks... It sounds so dumb." She said. Now I know little information about her. "Where did you live anyway?" "Oh I used to live at Cray. I know silly name. It's actually named after the prince itself. His name is Cristopher Carl Cray Winters." "WHAT!? You mean that nuisance!? He's the one who wanted to make you his bride!? That's just stupid." I said rolling my eyes. "I know! And it's like he didn't even thought of how I felt about the whole bride and marriage thing." She said. "Luke! Let's go!" James called out. "C'mon!" I said as I grabbed Maxine's wrist and ran with her. I saw the most beautiful smile of all.

Maxine's POV

this guy named Luke is one of a kind. He's got that warm smile, angelic eyes, soft calming voice, truly one of a kind. We talked a little, went to a quick stroll at the woods. "Luke! Let's go!" James called out. "C'mon!" He said as he grabbed my wrist and we ran together with his hand still linked with mine. For the first time I felt moved. :) I rode one James horse so both us were on the horse. Poor horse I wish he didn't have to go through all of this suffering. He traveled for about 15 minutes before we had reached what I call the most beautiful kingdom ever.

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