Prince Charmings

Maxine Washton:
A regular commoner from the kingdom Cray. She isn't that type of girl that you could find she's IREGULAR! "Oh shut up!" "What!? Could you see I'm trying to narrate here!" "I don't care! SHE ISN'T IREGULAR! I THINK YOUR READING THE SCRIPT WRONG!" "NO IM NOT READING IT WRONG! MAYBE YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO READ OR LISTEN!" "Whatever! Just go on with the story." "Ehm... So Maxine isn't a girl you won't expect her to be." "Ok?" "You know what! Just read it. I'll come back and narrate things later after I take good care of this nuisance here beside me. BYE!!"


2. My Path

For every path you take

There is an outcome

And for that outcome

There is a reason

What a nice day... The sun is shining at its fullest, the birds are flying, the flowers are blooming, and the towns people are happy. "Oh land Cray you sure do put up quite a show." I said to myself as I looked up to the clear blue sky. "Maxine! Maxine! Maxine Washton!" My mum called out. Ugh... What is it again. "Coming..." I said as I walked towards out front door.

Oh did I forgot to introduce myself? Well how rude of me... Ok here goes nothing... Hi! I'm Maxine Washton I'm a towns folk here at Cray kingdom. I'm the daughter of the well known Washton armor maker... My dad. We're just regular people. My mums a baker... She bakes bread. I am the fourth child of the Washton family and ONLY the girl. I have three older brothers the first one is Nishi, the second one is Kauko, the third one is Haru. Apparently I have the weirdest name among all of us. Maxine? Does is sound right? Eh... Who cares. Well I am known for being a swordsman... Eh? Does that sound right? For a girl I mean. Eh... Let's continue I have an unusual hair and eye color my hair has red streaks and my eyes well... My right eye is blue while the left eye is brown. Weird? Yes I know. I always hide my hair when I go outside to the public because I always get comments about it and mostly my eyes either... So... Yeah... I hope my hair and eyes didn't distract you from reading this.

"Maxine!" My dad called out. "Oh... Got to run. Talk to you later."

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