Prince Charmings

Maxine Washton:
A regular commoner from the kingdom Cray. She isn't that type of girl that you could find she's IREGULAR! "Oh shut up!" "What!? Could you see I'm trying to narrate here!" "I don't care! SHE ISN'T IREGULAR! I THINK YOUR READING THE SCRIPT WRONG!" "NO IM NOT READING IT WRONG! MAYBE YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO READ OR LISTEN!" "Whatever! Just go on with the story." "Ehm... So Maxine isn't a girl you won't expect her to be." "Ok?" "You know what! Just read it. I'll come back and narrate things later after I take good care of this nuisance here beside me. BYE!!"


3. Making You My Princess

Carl's POV

"I need a wife!" I screamed. "Get me a fortune teller. Now!" I ordered out. "Y-yes sir." A guard said as he bowed down. "Your highness... Aren't you contented with what you have?" My assistant said. "Who told you to speak? Speak only if spoken to. Ok?" I said. I saw that my assistant rolled his eyes but I didn't care. "Your highness I found a fortune teller at town." "That's great... Now off you go." I said as I gestured a 'go away' gesture. "So... Tell me... Do you have a girl that you know that could be my wife?"

Maxine's POV

"Maxine!" Kauko called out. "What is is big brother?" I asked. I was at the garden gardening when I saw three Royal guards standing before me. I bowed "How may I help you?" I asked. I offered them hospitality but they refuse to take it. "What do you want?" I asked rudely. "We want you to come with us." The guard said. He gripped my wrist dragging me outside. "Let go! Let go of me!" "You are in no position to command us. Now please do come with us and we may assure you we will keep you safe and offer hospitality while your there." Another of the royal guards said. "What do you want from me!? Answer!?" I asked but before anyone could answer a carriage appeared out of no where. "Is this the girl who your talking about?" A voice from the carriage asked. "Yes your highness. She is indeed the one you seek for." Another voice said coming for my carriage. I looked furious. The door of the carriage opened and guess who it is... Price Carl Winters. "Well hello there your highness. It's nice to meet thee. I am honored." I said as I bowed. This is just an act. I'll act all innocent to know what is going on. "May I ask... Why did you come all the way here just for a silly girl without any position." I said. "Oh... Is that it? You sure you don't want to ask anything else?" "No sir... I am certain about my question." "Ok then... But first... Remove you hood then maybe I could answer your question." He said following by a sinister laugh. "Fine..." I said as I took my hood off. All the towns people looked at me and talked about my hair and my eyes. "Silence! Well... Well... Well... If it isn't the daughter of Ghrind Washton. The fourth. I heard about you. A LOT..." He said as he touched my face. I was scared. "By tomorrow sunset I want you IN the palace grounds. I will make you my wife." He said. He stepped in the carriage. "Goodbye. My princess." He said as they drove off. "What was that all about?" Nishi asked. I was to shocked to even realise that every towns folk are looking at me. I went inside and I just went up to my room and pondered. Thinking of what to do. I wrote letters to my parents and brothers telling them that I will be back someday. But for now I must hide myself until Carl changes his mind. I packed minimum stuff since I may not me able to carry that much anyway. All what's inside my bag was: bandages, water, bread, something to pass my time, and craft materials and also my bow and arrow. I don't bring my sword because it might draw to much attention and if it's my bow and arrow at least I could say I went off hunting. I took off at sunrise. As early as possible. I rode a cargo transporter so that it might be a lot faster.

I should probably write this down and rest. Who knows on what new kingdom I might land into.

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