Prince Charmings

Maxine Washton:
A regular commoner from the kingdom Cray. She isn't that type of girl that you could find she's IREGULAR! "Oh shut up!" "What!? Could you see I'm trying to narrate here!" "I don't care! SHE ISN'T IREGULAR! I THINK YOUR READING THE SCRIPT WRONG!" "NO IM NOT READING IT WRONG! MAYBE YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO READ OR LISTEN!" "Whatever! Just go on with the story." "Ehm... So Maxine isn't a girl you won't expect her to be." "Ok?" "You know what! Just read it. I'll come back and narrate things later after I take good care of this nuisance here beside me. BYE!!"


1. Authors Note

Hey! I'm back! WITH ANOTHER STORY! Well credits to 'Snow White with the Red Hair' but NOT ALL. It's an anime you should watch it (only if your into love kinda thing. It's very cute actually.) from the title it's all about... Read if you want to know... JK I love you guys! It's about prince and princesses.

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