She was best friends with Jack since freshman year in high school and now she was meeting his brother for the first time as he performed, never taking his eyes off her at the university's welcome party

Will things work out between Jess and Conor?

Or will their contrasting personalities get in the way?


2. chapter 2

“Morning.” I mumbled to Jack as I walked into the kitchen. “How are you feeling” he laughed handing me a cup of coffee. “I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. What happened last night?” I said taking a sip and sighing in content. “Conor kept trying to hook up with you but you would reject him. Then you eventually ended up drinking a lot of shots with him so I brought you home.” “Thanks Jack. What would I do without you?” I laughed hugging him.

“Guys, why are you yelling?” a voiced grumbled. I turned around to see Conor rubbing his head. “We weren't yelling princess.” I laughed at him taking another sip of coffee. “You make her coffee but not your own brother?” Conor mumbled to his brother. “Yup.” Jack laughed pulling me close to him earning a death stare from Conor. “Here Conor.” I said handing him my half empty mug of coffee. “Thanks Jess.” he mumbled taking a sip.

“Well, I better start getting ready for classes.” I sighed walking out the kitchen. “Um, Jess, its Saturday.” Jack laughed at me. Oh. “Well then I’m going back to bed.” I sighed leaning against the door frame. “No, you two are getting dressed and we are going to get breakfast and have a day out.” Jack said walking towards me kissing the top of my head before walking to his room.

“Whats with you two?” Conor asked putting his cup in the sink. “We friends Conor.” I sighed rolling my eyes. “Mmm doesn't seem like it.” he snapped. Geez someone woke up on the wrong side of bed. I sighed and made my way to my room to decide on clothes for the day.


I stood in front of my floor length mirror behind my bathroom door and assessed my outfit. I wore a grey bodysuit from TopShop that said Pacifico 1991 Coast on the front and the straps crossed over in the back. With that I wore my black high waisted ripped shorts and a black fringe cape also from TopShop. I wore my favourite black platform boots to make it look complete. For make up I did a simple brown look on my eyes to take away the tiredness and wore my Kylie nude lipgloss. To finish my outfit off I wore my black watch from yesterday, a wrap around choker with a crescent moon and my favourite sunglasses from Dior on my head.

Once happy with my outfit I walked to my room and grabbed my phone and my wallet putting it in my black fringe bag. “Boys, are you ready?” I yelled through the apartment that Jack and I share. “Ready.” Jack said walking to me. I looked at his outfit smiling when I saw he was wearing the button up I bought him for Christmas. “Wow Jess you look good.” Conor said staring me up and down and giving me a wink. I rolled my eyes and looked at Jack who was laughing. “Lets go guys.” Jack said grabbing my hand dragging me out the door.


Please have mercy on me

Take it easy on my heart

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me

You keep tearing me apart

I sang along to Shawn Mendes Mercy as Jack drove us to the mall to get breakfast then for shopping, because I begged him. “Since when did you sing?” Conor asked leaning between the seats. Yup, he was a slow poke and I got the front seat before him. “Since always dude. She won every talent show at school.” Jack laughed pushing him back. “We should do a collaboration.” Conor suggested. I turned around to him and smiled nodding my head, “Sure sounds good. How about tomorrow?” “Sounds good. What song?” Conor asked and I immediately knew which one. I grinned and grabbed my phone changing the song to All We Know by The Chainsmokers and Phoebe Ryan. “This one?” Conor asked and I nodded.


“Jack, can you come zip me up?” I yelled through the curtain in the change room. “Jack is flirting with the sales chick. I don’t mind helping.” A voice said. I opened the curtain holding the strapless dress tight to my chest not to expose anything. “Thanks Conor.” I smiled turning around holding my hair up with one hand as I felt him slowly zip the dress up. “Whats the occasion?” he asked as I adrmired myself in the dress. “My brothers wedding.” I smiled doing a twirl.

“What you think?” I asked looking at him. “Beautiful.” he smiled before walking out. “Wait, can you unzip it?” I laughed turning around. “Sure.” he smiled and unzipped it lingering his hands at the bottom of the zip for a while. I felt him lean closer to my ear leaving a kiss behind my ear. “Nice lace panties.” he whispered before walking out closing the curtain.

“Jack, please punch your brother.” I growled meeting the two boys outside the store after paying for my dress. Now I just need shoes and a bag. “Why? What did he do?” Jack asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “He peaked at my underwear when unzipping my dress because you were flirting.” I said death staring Conor who was laughing his ass off. “Dude.” Jack said high fiving his brother, “What colour were they?” “Jack!” I screamed slapping his chest causing attention to be put on us from a few people walking past. “Fuck you guys. I’ll meet you back at the apartment.” I sighed walking off quickly making my way to Aldo, my favourite shoe store.


My phone began to ring for the 10th time as I tried on my second pair of shoes and comparing them to the dress. “What?” I snapped answering the phone. “Princess?” Jack mumbled. I hate fighting with him and I know I overreacted but his brother invaded my privacy, you're not supposed to look down when you're unzipping someones dress! “Yes Jack?” I sighed putting the shoe back in the box. “Where are you?” he sighed. “Aldo.” I mumbled and with that he hung up.

I stood up and walking across the store barefoot to look for a different pair. I picked up these amazing black heels when I felt arms wrap around my waist. “I’m sorry for high fiving Conor.” Jack whispered burying his head in the crook of my neck making me smile. “It’s okay.” I smiled stroking his arm. “I brought you Starbucks to make up for it.” he whispered not moving. “Thanks Jack.” I smiled. “Those are nice. Is it for Max’s wedding?” he asked taking the shoe out my hand and replacing it with a Starbucks coffee.

“Yeah I think it will go with the dress I bought walking to the chair covered with my stuff and sitting down. I swapped with Jack taking the heel and putting it on as he took a sip of my coffee. I grabbed the dress comparing it with the shoe and smiled. “You getting the shoes?” Jack asked and I nodded taking the shoe off putting it in the box. “Let me pay.” Jack said grabbing the box and before I could protest he was at the counter handing the cashier his card. I shook my head and put my shoes back on and folding the dress putting it in the bag.

“Where to next?” he asked taking my hand, linking our fingers. He’s doing this a lot compared to usual. “Home. I have the perfect bag at home.” I smiled and he nodded leading us to his car. “Wheres Conor?” I asked as we walked into our apartment. “No idea actually. After you left he left.” Jack shrugged putting my bags in my room. “Are you still going to be able to come with me to Max’s wedding next weekend?” I asked Jack as I sat on the couch turning the tv on. “Next weekend? Shit, I’m sorry Jess. I promised Mikey that I’d see him. It completely slipped my mind.” Jack pouted cuddling up to me to show he was sorry. “It’s okay. I’ll go by myself.” I sighed running my hand through his hair. “No man. Why don’t you ask Conor?” he asked resting his head on my lap.

“Ask Conor what?” Conor asked walking through the front door. “Jack can’t go with me to my brothers wedding next weekend and he suggested I ask you.” I sighed attempting to plait Jacks fringe. “I don’t mind going with you.” Conor smiled at me, “Consider it as my way of apologising for earlier.” “Thanks Conor.” I smiled, I really wanted Jack to come with me…

“Why don’t we get working on the song?” Conor asked getting up to go set up. “Sure, but I can’t move, Jack fell asleep.” I giggled stroking Jacks cheek with the back of my hand. He looked so peaceful. Maybe things could work between him and I.

“Sure, I’ll set up the camera here. Do you know the words and the timing?” He asked as he started to set everything up. “Yeah, I learnt it a while back.” I smiled resting my hand on Jacks back. “Okay cool, I spent the rest of the afternoon learning it so lets do it now and see how it goes.” he said and I nodded.


“Whats up guys. Conor here. I’m with my brother Jacks best friend Jess. You’ve probably seen her in a few of his videos on his page.” Conor started sitting next to me. “After Conor got on his knees and begged me to do a collab with him I agreed. So here is All We Know by The Chainsmokers and Phoebe Ryan.” I grinned as the music started playing.

I was about to start singing when Jack woke up grumbling. “Hold on Conor, Jack woke up.” I laughed helping Jack sit up, “Merry Christmas sleeping beauty.” “What are you guys doing?” Jack asked rubbing his eyes. “We decided to do our collab now. Which you interrupted.” Conor laughed. “Oh, shit sorry. I’ll be in my room. Sleeping.” Jack laughed walking off to his room.

“Lets do this again.” I laughed as Conor restarted the music.

(Conor and Jess)

I’ll ride my bike up to the road

Down the streets right through the city I'll go everywhere you go

From Chicago to the coast

You tell me, "Hit this and let's go

Blow the smoke right through the window"

'Cause this is all we know


‘Cause this is all we know


‘Cause this all we know






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