She was best friends with Jack since freshman year in high school and now she was meeting his brother for the first time as he performed, never taking his eyes off her at the university's welcome party

Will things work out between Jess and Conor?

Or will their contrasting personalities get in the way?


1. chapter 1

"Come on Jess. We have to hurry if we want to get good seats." my best friend Jack tugged on my arm running in front of me to the auditorium where all new students had to go. We started university at the University of South Carolina today and to say that orientation was nerve-wracking is a complete understatement. 

Jack and I have been best friends since freshman year in high school and have been inseparable ever since. His older brother Conor apparently is in his second year here. I remember seeing him around at school but how he passed completely amazed me. He was my best friends brother and I have never said one word to him or have him closer than 20 metres from me. Weird, right?

By the time we got to the auditorium there were like four people already seated, at the back. "We rushed for nothing." I sighed fixing my jersey and pulling my jeans up. 

I was wearing tight black high waisted jeans with a grey crop top from TopShop. Over that I wore a black/white/grey jersey as it was still kind of cold due it being the end of winter.With it I wore my black ankle boots as they were warm, comfortable and gave me some height as I was quite short. I wore my favorite wrap around choker that had a bow tied into it and my favorite black strap watch that had a floral design on the face. 

For my make up I had done a simple brown smokey eye with a black winged eyeliner and wore my favourite deep purple lipstick.

"I know that but I want us to claim seats so we can go see my brother." Jack said dumping his bag and jacket on two seats in the front row. I walked behind Jack as he made his way backstage. Jack was hella good looking and I did have feelings for him back in Junior year but one night at a party we hooked up and it felt wrong so we agreed to just stay friends because it wasn't worth ruining the relationship we had now.

"Jack, howzit man?" a deep voice said snapping me out of my day dreams. I looked up to see a blond haired boy pulling Jack into a hug. "Good man, this is Jess." Jack said pulling away and introducing me to Conor even though I basically knew who he was. 

"So this is the best friend you never shut up about." Conor laughed looking me up and down. "Hi Conor. Your brother doesn't shut up about you either so I feel like I practically know you already." I smiled nudging Jack.

"Well you guys should get to your seats before someone takes them. We starting in like 5 minutes." Conor said before winking at me and turning around. "Lets go Jess." Jack said taking my hand and leading me back to our seats. I sat down and scrolled through Facebook seeing all my high school 'girl' friends with their boyfriends. 

"Hello and welcome first years." a high pitched vocie said through the microphone. I locked my phone handing it to Jack to see a blond girl wearing the tiniest outfit ever. Ugh I rolled my eyes hating her already. I zoned out as she spoke about the university and told me things I already knew about this place. I looked around to see everyone bored out of their minds already.

"Well, now to the best part of tonight, Conor Maynard." she said walking off the stage as Conor walked on. I stood up and cheered with the rest of us first years. "Hey guys, how you doing tonight?" he spoke through the microphone looking completely comfortable up on stage. The crowed cheered as a reply. 

"That's great, well I am going to start off with a song you would all know. Here is Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia." and with that he started singing and my heart practically melted at the sound of his voice.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,

That's where I had my first heartbreak.

I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.

See heaven's got a plan for you.

Don't you worry, don't you worry now."

I danced along to the music with Jack standing behind me like he always did when we went to concerts. It was kind of a protective thing that he did and it made me happy. I looked up at Conor to see him only looking at me. I blushed and sang along with him never breaking eye contact with him.

Green to blue, blue to green.

"That was amazing guys now for my take on Panda." he said winking at me, oh boy. I stood there as he put his guitar down and got ready for the song. "I've heard this, the beginning of it is very sexual, it even made me blush." Jack said in my ear, definitely OH BOY.

(Quick A/N this bit is very sexual so if you feel uncomfortable just read past the next few italic lines. But if you guys love Conor Maynard and haven't heard his cover of Panda do yourself a favour and listen to it. It is literally amazing and the beginning definitely made me blush. So if you're uncomfortable, skip the next few lines...)

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?

You can ride my face until you're dripping cum

Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?

You gon' let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

I'm not the type to call you back tomorrow

But the way you wrapping 'round me is a prob

Ain't nobody tryna save ya

Baby, get that paper

Probably got a lot of other bitches owe you favors

Pussy so good, I had to save that shit for later, later

Panda, Panda, Panda

I looked away from Conor my cheeks as red as a tomato. He never took his eyes off of me through that whole bit and just oh my gosh, it got hot in here very quickly. "That was hectic." I said looking at Jack who was laughing at me as I fanned myself trying to get rid of the heat in my cheeks. 

"Dude, he so wants you." Jack laughed hugging. "Gross, thats your brother." I said scrunching my nose at the thought. "I don't care, I can feel the sexual tensions from here." he winked at me making me blush more. Fuck off Jack! I groaned internally.

"To end off our night I am going to do an original song." Conor said after finishing his 7th song for the night and I hate to admit but this boy's voice was incredible and his covers were honestly so much better than the original. "This is Vegas Girl." he said and the beat started. 

"I may have accidentally told him you were born in Vegas when he started asking me questions about you and saw you with me at clubs." Jack told me as my eyes widened.

This is for the girl that can get down low

The whole club wanna see you go

Ey, shake, shake like you're famous, girl

Head back, lay it down like a Vegas girl

Bass coming down so hard

That little dress breaking every heart

Ey, shake, shake like you're famous, girl

Head back, lay it down like a Vegas girl

And with that the song ended. "And now we go clubbing." Jack yelled making everyone cheer, including me. "We are going to get so drunk tonight." Jack laughed as we made our way outside. 

"Hey guys wait up." Conor yelled running up to us and started walking next to me. "So did you enjoy it?" Conor asked winking at me. "I did actually. You have a great voice." I said trying to play it cool. "Thats good, and did you enjoy Panda, Vegas girl?" he asked me giving me the nickname from his song. "The only time you will ever get in my pants is in your dreams, and even then I probably won't enjoy it." I smirked at him watching his face change, not expecting my reply. 

"Did she hurt your ego bro?" Jack laughed high-fiving me. I laughed and winked at Conor as I made my way to the front of the line at the club.

"Hey Bruce." I said to the bouncer and he smiled hugging me before letting me in. "How did she get in?" I heard Conor ask Jack as they followed behind me. "He's her uncle." Jack laughed at Conor as we made our way to the bar. 

"You amaze me Vegas girl. Leaving me speechless every time." Conor said before ordering 3 shots of Tequila. I grabbed the shot glass downing it before taking my jersey handing it to Jack. I nodded at the two boys who clinked their shot glasses and by the time they downed the shot I was no longer in the middle of them I was on the dance floor moving my body to the beat of the music.

I felt a pair of hands rest on my hips as my favourite song started playing through the speakers. I turned around wrapping my arms around Conor's neck and moved my body against him. 

I looked up at him as my favourite line played and I whispered it into his ear, "They know you walk like you're god, they can't believe I made you weak." and with that I walked away going to dance with my best friend Jack leaving Conor standing there watching me dance with his brother.

"You're fighting fire with fire love." Jack laughed as I danced against him to get a reaction out of Conor. "A girl is gotta do what she's gotta do." I winked at him knowing that he understand that I wanted to get reaction out of Conor and that I did because next thing I knew I was pulled away from Jack and my body pressed up against Conor's.

"You are such a tease." he whispered, "But two can play at that came." I smirked as the next Halsey song played through the speakers. I was lost in the music when I felt Conor lean close to my ear singing along with the song, "And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight." Conor sang those words directly in my ear. 

I pulled away leaning close brushing my lips on his, "Too bad I don't plan on going to heaven." I said his plan backfiring as he stood speechless watching me leave him again to get another drink.

"Girl, what are you doing to that poor boy?" a girl laughed sitting on the bar stool next to me. "Having a little fun. He's gotta work if he wants a kiss from me." I winked at her making her laugh. "I'm Stacy by the way." she said extending her hand out. "Jess." I said shaking her hand, 

"Well heres my queue." I got up and made my way over to Conor, "What's wrong pretty boy? Bummed that I don't want to fuck you?" "This is war Reed." he whispered pulling me close and dancing with me. 

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