Single Mum

"Damn, she's hot."

"What the hell, Calum? She's got a kid."

In which Calum falls in love with a single mum.


2. un

C . H O O D 

"What? No - Michael! Oh, for fuck's sake." I sighed, shoving my phone into my Nike bag as I opened the car door. 

I had only just realised how cold it was at the moment, seeing as I had been sitting in the car for the past 15 minutes. I ignored the rising goosebumps on my legs and trudged off onto the field, greeting the arriving parents and their kids. 

I threw my bag onto the damp grass, crouching down to pull out balls and cones, laying them out before standing upright again. I looked around, seeing a few boys running towards me. 

"Oh, hey Josh, Ben. How are you doing today?" I asked, greeting the two as they stood in front of me, looking up. 

"Good, thank you Calum. What are we going to start with?" Josh asked, giving me a toothy grin. The kid ate too many sweets, they were falling out by the second. I always heard his mum complain at the canteen after practice. 

"I think a bit of a run, yeah? And then we'll work on your passing." I replied, watching their smiles become frowns, "What's wrong?" 

"I don't like running." Ben mumbled. I chuckled, shaking my head. 

"You remind me of a friend of mine. His name's Michael." I pat Ben on the head, instructing for the other kids to do a quick run around before we'd get started. I took this as a chance to set out cones, two lines parallel to each other before the kids would finish their laps. 

"Hey, Calum!" I looked up to the sound of my name being called, and I knew who it was before I even looked. Michael. Gordon. Clifford. 

"I swear if you do anything, record anything, or post anything, I will personally kill you. And you didn't tell me you'd be bringing them too." I muttered, seeing Luke and Ashton coming towards us. 

"Alright, alright, calm your tits."

"I would, if I had tits, but I do not. So-" 

"What are tits?" My eyes widened as I turned around, seeing 10 sets of eyes watching me. I looked back to Michael, unable to say anything. 

"Uh... This is my friend Michael. And that's Ashton and Luke. They came to see how well you boys play." I lied. They came to make a fool out of me. 

"Why does Michael have purple hair, Calum?" 

"Good question." 


"Geez, did you have to come here. Why couldn't you wait for me at the flat?" I muttered, shoving the cones back into the beg before heaving it onto my shoulder. 

"Because Michael was bored and hungry and we didn't have any food left-" 

"What do you mean, we didn't have any food left?" I asked, cutting Ashton off, "We had the left-over dinner from last night." 

"Yeah, but I wanted pizza and there's one near here so that's the one we went to and then we thought we could come and see you because we are nice friends." Michael snapped. I groaned, rolling my eyes at Michael. 

"Uh huh, real good friends you guys are." I unlocked my car, looking around to make sure I hadn't left anything, or anyone else hadn't, but then I locked eyes with a woman I hadn't seen before. I frowned, looking away as I realised she was looking back at me. I turned, to Michael, subtly nudging his arm. 

"See the chick on the other end of the car park?" I whispered. 

"Yeah?" Michael answered slowly, eyes darting to her before looking back at me. 

"Damn, she's hot." I smirked, raising my eyebrows. Michael was about to smile before looking back at the woman and rolling his eyes at me. 

"What the hell, Calum. She's got a kid." Michael muttered, opening the back door to the car and climbing in. I looked back at the woman and sure enough, she was leaning down to the height of a kid, smiling as she ruffled his hair, holding his hand. 





I know that this is short, but it's kind of like an intro to the story so yeah... enjoy!! 


Btw, the boys aren't famous in this book and neither is Jade who plays the single mum. 



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