Single Mum

"Damn, she's hot."

"What the hell, Calum? She's got a kid."

In which Calum falls in love with a single mum.


4. trois

C A L U M 

Did it matter that she had a kid? What is the kid hates me? What if I never see her again? 

I groaned as thoughts swam around my head, leaving me unable to say much as I was pretending to be asleep so Ashton would stop annoying me about her. "Calum, you can't pretend to fall asleep." I managed to hold in a chuckle as I pulled the covers over my head. Ashton giggled before sighing and muttering a 'fine then' before I heard his footsteps lead outside, my bedroom door shutting. 

I grinned to myself as I pulled the blanket off of my head, knowing that my hair would now be a fluffy, curly mess. I ran my hand through it, shaking my head about as I leaned over to the bedside table, checking the time on my phone, only to see a notification from Michael. 

I unlocked my phone, rolling back onto my back as I saw he had sent me a photo. I enlarged it, but almost fellow my bed as I saw what he'd sent me. (a/n: no, peeps, not nudes. michael learnt from calum's mistake... i hope) It was a screenshot of an Instagram page. Jade Single Mum's Instagram page. Holy shit. 

I quickly sat up, checking the user name before I found her on Instagram. 

(a/n: can you believe I actually made a fake instagram account through a template just for this? idk wth is wrong with me) 

But there was nothing about whether she was single or not. I groaned and my eyes widened as I wondered how the hell Michael found her. I quickly went back to the messages. 

Michael explained that the two probably knew each other because Jade was a photographer and Niall had done few photoshoots there before. A photographer... I don't know why, but I imagined her more of an artist or something like that. 

I looked through her Instagram page, careful not to like any pictures, especially the ones with Noah in them. The kid was cute, I laughed at some of the videos posted of him. I was so caught up in doing what I was doing that I didn't notice Ashton enter my room and stand in front of the door. 

I looked up from my phone when I heard him clear his throat. "Oh, hey Ash." I greeted, turning my phone off and setting it on the bedside table. "What's wrong?" 

"Nothing. Just wanted to ask you if we're going out to eat tonight." Ashton replied. 

"I don't mind. Whatever you're up for eating, I'm fine with." I replied, tugging the covers off of me as I slid off the bed, walking towards Ashton, remembering to put my phone in my pocket. 

"Alright then, Luke an Michael said we could meet down the street and we'd all decide on something." Ashton explained. I nodded, telling him that I just needed to quickly change my shirt as he left the room. I shut the door, sighing as I walked over to my wardrobe, quickly deciding on one of the many 'Drop Dead' shirts I owned. I checked my hair in the mirror before walking downstairs to see Ashton standing in front of the door, eyes glued to his phone. 

"You ready to go?" I asked, getting his attention. He nodded, opening the door and walking out as I shut the door behind the both of us, locking it. We walked silently down the street, the silence being enough for the both of us at that moment. I took this as a chance to look through Jade's Instagram profile thoroughly, maybe there would be a tag of the husband or something. 

I slowly scrolled through the photos, many of them being previews of the photoshoots she had done. I had to admit, she was very good at her job. But one photo caught my attention, a photo taken of her. 

My eyes widened as I realised the tagged guy, "Eric Thompson" was the so-called husband of Jade's. But this photo was posted a month ago, anything could have happened in a month. 

"I can't believe I'm hoping she's divorced." I mumbled quietly so Ash wouldn't hear. I tapped the guy's profile, and as soon as I did I knew that my assumptions were correct. The most recent post of his was a photo of another woman - not Jade - sitting on his lap. And if that wasn't obvious enough, he had put in 'single' as the caption of another one of his photos. 

Well then... My guess is she dropped him. "Oh, hey guys!" Ashton greeted, making me turn my phone off and shove it in my pocket as I walked over to Michael and Luke, hugging each of them. 

"Did you have a look?" Michael whispered in my ear as we hugged. I nodded as we parted and I listened as Luke and Ash discussed where we should eat. The two agreed on a Vietnamese restaurant a few blocks down and Michael and I agreed as we walked towards it. 

"I'm going to go and have a chat with her soon. Yeah, we should all go together. She could use some cheering up." I saw a blonde woman walking towards us, speaking to someone on her phone. I frowned, where had I seen her? And then I remembered, she was one of the girls at the house when Jade was. What was her name again? I was sure one of them had called her... Perrie! "Okay, I've got to go, love. I'll speak to you soon. Bye." My eyes followed her as she brushed past me. I can't even explain to you how tempted I was to ask about Jade. 




Just to show how bored I was, I even made these fake instgram accounts and posts lmao. Sad life of mine right there. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this chapter! 

Comment, vote. ily xx

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