Single Mum

"Damn, she's hot."

"What the hell, Calum? She's got a kid."

In which Calum falls in love with a single mum.


6. six

C A L U M 

Ashton insisted we go get ice-cream after we finished eating at the restaurant. I was alright with it, but really I wanted to go home and see if Mali had contacted Jade yet. 

"Hey, let's go to the park. It's a nice day today." Ashton said, as soon as we walked out of the ice-cream parlor. I sighed, annoyed as the other boys agreed to it and in only a matter of minutes, I found myself at the park, watching kids run around and mother and fathers run after them. 

I sat on a park bench, watching as Ashton and Luke kicked a soccer ball around. I have no idea where they got it from. 

I sighed, sitting back as Michael joined me, already finished his ice-cream. He rested his head on my shoulder which I didn't reject, silently asking him if he wanted some of my ice cream which he happily took from me. I chuckled, he hadn't changed, he was still the same Michael I'd met in year 7. 

My eyes scanned the park, and a part of me wished that, like the other parents, she was here too. With Noah. 

"No! I've already explained this and I don't know when it'll get through your excuse of a head, but I'm keeping Noah. Once you've filled those divorce papers, that's it." I frowned, looking around. It's probably some other parent with a kid named Noah, I thought. 

"You can't take him from me, he's my son too!" 

"You should have thought about that, about the fact that you were going to break this family, before you rushed off and-" 

"Don't bring that up." I looked behind me. 

"No fucking way." I mumbled, tapping Michael's shoulder. He looked at me weirdly, before he too, faced the two. 

It was Jade. But Noah was no where to be seen. And some guy talking to her, her husband? No, ex. 

"I'll bring that up if I want to! You shouldn't have done it in the first place anyway." 

"Look, all I'm asking for, is the kid. Alright? I don't need you, I've had enough of you. Look at all the crap you put me through, I'm so sick of your bullshit, Jade." 

"Really? My bullshit?" She scoffed. "And who's the man that comes home pissed drunk every single night, has 'work meetings' so he never sees his own child? Doesn't allow me to associate with other men, even my own parents? You think I gave you bullshit? Honey, I haven't even started." 

"Just give me the kid. Noah!" I watched as "Eric" as I remembered him, held out his hand for the little kid. 

"No, Noah. We're going home." Jade put her hand out in front of Noah, picking him up and walking off. 

"You can't keep him from me, Jade!" 

"Yes I can!" She walked off, Noah crying in her arms. 

J A D E 

"Listen, Bub, you've got to understand something, okay? Mummy and Daddy don't love each other much anymore. So, they're going to be staying away from each other for a while." I explained, glancing at Noah through the mirror as I drove the two of us home. 

Noah  was, surprisingly, silent as he sat in his booster chair in the back seat. I sighed quietly, focusing on the road. 

My phone rang a few minutes later and I hoped it wasn't Eric. I accepted the call, seeing it was a number I'd never seen before, the Bluetooth connecting immediately. 

"Hello, hello, hello." I chuckled as I heard John's voice. 

"Hey, John, how are you?" I asked. Noah gasped, repeatedly shouting John's name. John Feldmann was a good friend of mine, and being a music producer we hadn't been able to catch up in ages. 

"I'm good, thanks. And how is my lovely godson?" I glanced into the mirror, seeing Noah laugh and nod his head happily. "Well, I haven't heard anything about you going to some exotic place to do a photo shoot recently, so I thought why not pop into LA for a while? I've got some music to produce with a new band, but really we all know I came for you three." 

"Oh, um, Eric's not here actually." I said, uneasily. 

"Really? Is he off on a business trip or something?" John asked. I couldn't blame him for not knowing, even my parents didn't know yet. Things were already messy enough. 

"I'll tell you everything when I see you." I sighed. 

"Why don't you and Noah pop in now? I'm at my apartment, as long as you're not busy. I wouldn't mind a bit of company." He insisted. 

"Alright then, send me the address will you?" 

"Of course. Alright, I'll see you in a bit then. Bye, Jade. Bye, Noah!" I said goodbye and hung up, parking the car on the side of the road. I waited for John's text and was glad it wasn't too far away. 


"Hello! Oh, look at you, Noah, you've gotten so much bigger than the last time I saw you. How old are you now, buddy?" John asked, picking Noah up. 

"I'm four." He replied, holding up four fingers proudly. 

"Going to school soon then, eh? Do well in school, alright buddy? Then you'll get the easy life." I chuckled as he let Noah down who ran off down the hallway. 

"Ah, be careful, Noah. Don't touch anything." I warned, shaking my head as he continued to run off. I turned back to John who's eyebrows were raised. 

"Well, you have some explaining to do. Is everything alright with you and Eric?" John asked, leading me to the kitchen. I shook y head no, biting my lip. 

"We're getting a divorce." I said, bluntly. John's eyes widened and he looked around to see if Noah was around. 

"What? Why?" He asked, the shock obvious on his face. 

"Because he cannot stay loyal." I replied, sitting back in my chair, "I'm not going to waste my time trying to get someone to love me, John. I don't want Noah to grow up with that kind of thing and then later think that that's okay. I'd whoop his bum if he was like that to any girl he dated." 

"Well, you're staying a virgin forever then, whoever it is that will be getting his ass whooped." I turned around, seeing a boy with dyed blonde hair walking towards John with a grin. 

I looked over to John who smiled, standing up and hugging the man. 

"Ah, Michael, this is a good friend of mine. Jade, this is Michael. Michael, this is Jade." I stood up, shaking the hand of Michael and smiling. 

"I know you. Don't take that in a creepy way, I just have a friend who had a few photos taken by you." Michael explained, laughing. 

"Oh, really? Who?" I asked. 

"Niall. Niall Horan." 

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