Single Mum

"Damn, she's hot."

"What the hell, Calum? She's got a kid."

In which Calum falls in love with a single mum.


5. cinq

J A D E 

I groaned as I heard Noah mumbling loudly. I sat up, running my eyes as I pulled the covers off my legs. 

"Noah?" I called, I took a step forward before I heard sniffles from my door. I looked up, seeing the silhouette of the boy before he ran towards me, arms open wide. I sighed, crouching down as he embraced me tightly. I rubbed his back comfortingly, kissing his cheek. 

"What's wrong, love?" I asked, wiping away the tears from his cheeks with my thumb. 

"I-I had a nightmare." He stuttered. 

"Aw, what happened in your nightmare, baby?" I asked, pulling the boy into my arms as I carried him, placing him on the bed. 

"Y-You and daddy had a big fight and daddy said he didn't love me anymore." I stared at Noah. This four year old dreamt that his father didn't love him anymore. Oh, little did he know it was true. 

"Oh, Noah. Daddy loves you, okay? He loves you very much, but he's staying somewhere else for a while, alright?" I explained, sitting beside him as I pulled the covers over the both of us. 

"Can we visit daddy?" Noah asked. I bit my lip. I really wanted to tell him everything. 

"If you want to, of course we can." I smiled. Noah giggled before closing his eyes. What am I going to do with this child? 

C A L U M 

"Uh, hey Niall. It's Calum." I said, nervously as Niall picked up the phone. 

"Oh, hello Calum. How have you been lad?" I chuckled, he was still the same laughing at everything Niall. 

"I've been good. Uh, I just wanted to ask something about a girl named Jade. She's a photographer?" I asked, glad that Ashton had gone off for a walk so I could speak out about this. 

"Ah, yeah. She's a nice girl. Good photographer. Why do you ask?" Niall replied. 

"Oh, um... Mali! Mali wanted to get a photographer to do some shoots for her blog." What a good excuse that was, eh? 

"Ah, alright then. I'll give you her details then. Oh, I've got to go. The golf is gonna start on the telly now." I chuckled and said a quick goodbye to Niall, nervously anticipating the ping of my phone. 

When the text finally came, I immediately called Mali-Koa. As long as Ash thinks I'm doing this for my sister, the easier it'll be. 

"What do you want?" My eyes widened and I sighed, annoyed as Mali picked up the phone. 

"Just because I call my amazing sister, doesn't mean that I need something." I explained. There was a chuckle from Mali. 

"Alright, how are you, Cal?" She asked. 

"I'm good. Hey, do you need a photographer by any chance? Like, for your blog or something?" I asked. 

"Uh... I guess, Amanda's going to Brazil for a year. Yeah, why not? Have you found someone?" 

"Yeah, um, Niall's had her do some shoots for him and she's really good." 

"Alright then, send me her details, yeah?" 

"I already have." 

"Someone's eager then." I groaned as I mumbled a "no I'm not". "Alright, I gotta go, little brother. I'll speak to you soon." 

"Oh wait, Mali!" 


"You're going to have to come to LA." 

J A D E 

I was hoping that by the morning Noah would just forget about wanting to see his "father". But he didn't. And I don't think he'd let me do anything unless I took him to see him. 

"Please, Noah. Daddy's probably busy." I sighed, rubbing my forehead as Noah continued to cry. 

"I wanna see daddy! I wanna see daddy!" 

"Okay, okay. Wait a minute, alright? Mummy has to check if he's busy." 

I grabbed my phone, watching Noah as I searched for Eric's number. Even after all that at the office, I'd forgotten to block his number. 

To: Eric 

Noah wants to see you. 

He didn't deserve my hello. In fact, he didn't even deserve to get a text from me, or see Noah. Not after all he's done. 

From: Eric 

We can meet at the cafe on the corner of the road. 

Oh god, not there. Please. I was brought out of my thoughts as I heard Noah ask me when we were going to see Eric. 

I put on a brave face, smiling at Noah as I held out my hand for him to hold, pulling him along to his room so I could find something for him to wear. 

. . . 

"Daddy!" Noah yelled, running towards Eric. I kept my eyes on the ground, walking towards the two. 

"Hey, buddy. How's my little man?" I scoffed, rolling my eyes. Eric stood up, straightening his blazer before looking at me. "Do you want anything to eat? Drink?" He asked. 

"Do you want anything to eat, love?" I asked, ruffling Noah's hair. He shook his head 'no'. "Alright, well tell Eri-Daddy, tell Daddy goodbye." I nudged Noah, motioning for him to say goodbye. 

"But I don't wanna leave Daddy." Noah whined. Please don't start. 

"Come on, Noah. I have things to do at home." I sighed, picking the boy up as he rested on my hip. 

"I could drive you, if you like. Noah, do you want to go to the park for a bit?" Eric asked. 

Noah nodded his head enthusiastically, grinning as Eric chuckled. "Come on then." Eric took Noah from my arms and put him on the ground, taking his hand. And I watched as the two left the cafe. I didn't care if I had lost someone I was deeply in love with, I only cared that that someone was taking my baby away from me.

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