Everything Changed

Darcy, a 18 year old girl meets Niall and they connect very strongly. They connect with each other since they first met.


1. Perrie

I heard the rain hitting the roof of my 2 bedroom unit. I was silently sitting on the couch watching supernatural season two. Then I got startled from a knock on the door. I got up from the couch  and walked to the front door. I opened the door to reveal my best friend Perrie. I scream silently because it’s only 11.30pm and I don’t want to wake any of the neighbours. Perrie has changed but she looks good now, she has dark blonde hair with a slim figure.                      “wow, you’ve changed but look absolutely gorgeous come in”

Perrie: “I know, since I started Little Mix I’ve just been busy with music and my boyfriend, Zayn”


We just kept talking about what we’ve been up to since the last time we saw each other which was about 3 years ago. Once it got to about 1.30am we started to got tired, I asked Perrie to stay the night, she agreed.


The next morning, I wake up and go out to the kitchen about to make some breakfast when I  noticed a note from Perrie. 
Perrie: Morning Darcy, I had to leave for practice thanks for letting me stay I’ll text you later. P.S we have plans at the cube tonight at 7.30, I’m paying see you then.


She always knows where I love going, hopefully we’re drinking tonight. I haven’t been out drinking for about 6 months that’s a long time for me. I’m happy I’m going with Perrie. I’m going to get so pissed and have so much fun. 


Most of the day I’ve either been cleaning or watching supernatural, It’s about 6pm so I’m going for a shower. I get out of the shower, get dressed in black and white zigzag leggings with a grey shirt and I’m going to wear my black wedges. I curl my purple and black hair, once I’ve done my hair I put my wedges on, grab my bag and keys and headed to the cube.


I got to the cube at 7.30pm. I walk in and strait away I see Perrie. I go up to her and hug her then I sit down and we start talking about what we did today. A guy walked over to our table and Perrie got up kissed and hugged him. This must be Zayn her boyfriend.                   
Perrie: “Darcy this is Zayn”

“nice to meet you Zayn”

Zayn: “you too Darcy”


We both shake hand and we all sit down. We start talking about Zayn and Perrie’s relationship. 10 minutes later we order food, I order a mini pizza with rum and coke for the drink, Zayn and Perrie order nachos to share with rum and coke for the drink as well. We just kept talking for about 3 hours, when it hit 11.00pm I told them I had to go home. I got home, got into a singlet and short. When I got to sleep I just kept thinking about the night with Zayn and Perrie. Zayn is a nice guy, he is lucky to have Perrie. One day I hope to find a guy that I’m really happy with, and will spend the rest of my life with.  




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