Everything Changed

Darcy, a 18 year old girl meets Niall and they connect very strongly. They connect with each other since they first met.


4. Girls Day Out

Niall’s POV

I wake up with Darcy asleep beside me I slowly move out of bed trying not to wake her. I walk out to the kitchen Perry and Zayn are watching TV.

Zayn:                                                                                  “So, do you get anything”

“No Zayn we just talked and kissed that’s it”

I start making some pancakes for Darcy and I. I hear footsteps, I turn around and Darcy is there I kiss her.

“Morning Beautiful how are you feeling”

Darcy:                                                                          “Like crap but better since I see you”

“there’s some water and pain killers over there for you”

Darcy:                                                                                    “thanks, babe”

“Tonight I’ve got plans for just us at 6.30pm so be ready”

Darcy:                                                                                “Okay sounds like fun, I’m going to go for a shower then we can eat”

Darcy asks Perrie for some clothes, then goes to the shower. 10 mins later she comes and joins me for breakfast. She looks cute, she’s wearing grey short and a rainbow tank top shirt.

“You look cute babe”

Darcy:                                                                                      “Thanks Nialler, after this could you take me home”

“of course babe, only for a bit so you can grab some clothes cause your staying over here for a couple of nights. Today you and Perrie are going girl shopping and then tonight we are going out for a date”

Darcy just nodded her head. We finished eating breakfast and headed over to Darcy’s unit, we were there for about 20 minutes. We left to head back to my place.

Darcy’s POV

It’s about 11am when Perrie and I got to the mall. We were at the mall for about 3 hours but I just can’t get Niall off my mind. Perrie and I got two new pairs of heels, four new dresses, one pair of jeans, two new shorts and two new shirts/tanks tops.

Perrie and I got some food from McDonalds after we ate, we headed back to Perrie’s place. The boys weren’t home so we just sat on the couch and talked for a couple of hours.

At about 5pm, I take a shower and get dressed in my new black and white dress with my new black heels. 

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