Everything Changed

Darcy, a 18 year old girl meets Niall and they connect very strongly. They connect with each other since they first met.


3. Drinking

Perrie’s POV

Tonight I’m inviting Zayn and the boys and Darcy over for dinner then drinking. Hopefully Darcy will get with either Niall or Harry since they are both single. 


The boys  were here with Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder. Darcy finally got here I greeted her and introduced her to everyone, she seemed to like Niall strait away.


We had Mac and Cheese for dinner, we all finished dinner. Zayn went to the bar and started mixing drinks. We all started drinking, Niall and Darcy just kept talking, it was good that they are getting along they would be a good couple and I know Niall wouldn’t hurt her because he is a sensitive guy.


Everyone is a bit drunk but Darcy is really drunk and all over Niall it’s 12.30. Darcy and Niall head to his room.


Darcy’s POV

I’m heading to Niall’s room with him. I’m so drunk I can’t see properly. Tonight I’ve only been around Niall, he is so funny and cute, I feel so happy with him. I haven’t been this happy in years.


“Niall, I like you”

Niall:  “I like you too, Darcy”


I lean forward Niall does the same our lips meet we start kissing slowly but passionate, it’s the best kiss I’ve ever had, Niall get on top of me without breaking the kiss. We don’t break the kiss, we both glide our hands up and down each other body. Niall breaks the kiss to speak.


Niall:  “Darcy, your too drunk I don’t want to make love to you for the first time when you won’t remember it, I want you to remember it” 

“I understand that, Niall but I do have something to say. I have very strong feelings for you I noticed it before everyone started drinking. I don’t know if you feel the same tho”

Niall: “Yes I do like you Darcy I have very strong feelings for you. You are very funny and beautiful but it’s getting late we should go to sleep” 

“Niall, I don’t have any clothes to sleep in, do you think I could borrow a shirt of yours if you don’t mind”

Niall:  “of course, Babe here you go”

“Thank you, Nialler”


I take off my tight black dress and put on Niall’s shirt. I hope into bed with him, I fall asleep  to Niall’s heartbeat.

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