Wren doesn't have anything left of her parents. Anything but the griffin necklace. Leading an adventurous life in the Sparrows Orphanage, she takes a wrong turn and gets attacked. Then the griffin came...


1. Chapter One

     It all started with that stupid door. That stupidly interesting door. In fact, my morning was perfect before that amazingly stupid door got my attention. We were playing pirates before I saw that trouble-seeker door. 

     "Say, what's that?" I asked Rob, the kid beside me. He looked at me confusingly before looking at the wall, and shaking his head. "Well I can't see anything!" He turned around and started climbing the rock wall, that was supposed to lead up to the spy's nest. I shook my head, too, and squinted my eyes. The door was still there. It seemed to glow with a quiet aura, almost as if it were alive. 

"Captain! You coming?" I turned to see Rob already at the top. I was almost always the captain. The children decided that the eye patch the captain always had fit perfectly with me. Or rather, my eyes. On my right, bright blue, almost silver with the shining glow, the left, gold, burning with a blinding fire. I always covered up the gold one. 

     I shook my head, taking off the eye patch, and handing it to Danny, my second-in-command. "I'll be right back," I said, waiting for him to nod. After he did, I expertly jumped of the boat landing in the water. I swam to the edge of the pool that was our sea and got out, getting myself a towel. After drying my hair, I walked slowly over to the door. I could feel everybody's eyes on me. I took out a soda from the cooler, and sat down in a chair so they wouldn't suspect me of going crazy. I was not about to let the opportunity of actually getting some privacy in this place. I mean, nobody else could see it, because  their eyes slipped over it, not actually seeing. If only I could see it, then nobody else  could get in their, right?

     I studied the door, waiting for everyone to leave. It was deep green, with two symbols on it. One was a moon, and one was a sun. It was beautiful to me. Despite having wet clothes from my dramatic entrance, my sitting spot was pretty comfy, and it didn't feel like a long time until the shouts, and the noise died down. One by one I heard a splash as the crew jumped off the side of the boat. I heard the swishing sound as they slowly pushed/swam the boat to the edge of the pool so the little ones who couldn't swim could get off.

    They all got towels and dried their hair, moving towards the door. They stopped, waiting for me, but I waved them ahead. "I'm going to practice my swimming," I told them. They nodded, giving me smiles of encouragement as they left. The water was my best element. "Bye!" A few of them called as they walked out of the room. I shouted back, and I was alone.

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