The land named YESTELLO

Maxi is a girl from a land. This land is called Yestello. You obviously don't know about it or else you wouldn't even realize it! When Maxi reaches the age of sixteen, the warrior of the village is chosen. The warrior is always a boy, but what happens when its Maxi? Not to mention the princess of Yestello is a total fake! What will happen to Maxi?


1. My land, My rules

  Warrior Maxi, from the province of Montella

 What the hell! Okay, so now I'm an ass because I got picked as the warrior? It is not my fault! All my peers names were slipped into the magical thingy and my name just happened to be picked. And I didn't even slip my name into the thing! No girl is allowed to! Why does my life fuckin suck! 

   Anyway, now I have to be trained as a warrior. 




     I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Maxi Rox, and I live in the province of Montella, Yestello. Yestello is a land close to earth, but unknown to all humans. We live in the above and below, and if you are smart enough, you will understand what I mean when I say that.

    The people who live in Yestello are called Yestellens, but when you are in the rare province of Montella, you are called Montelleans. The province of Montella is very popular, but very few remain that are true to the word of Montella. I am a true Montellean, and only true Montelleans can become the warrior. 

    So when me, the girl who everyone ignores, becomes the warrior, you could see how skeptical I was. When the drawing was picked for the warrior, I couldn't care less who became the warrior.

   If Shawn became the warrior, we would be doomed. Or even if Cole became the warrior, we might've survived. But me! Freakin me. I will literally kill everyone in Montella when I fight crime.


   "Yo Maxi, how does it feel to beat up bad guys?" Cece asked while passing by me on the way to training. "Leave me the frick alone Cece." It's not like I don't like Cece, its just the way she's a player and all the boys she leaves on the streets, are the ones I have to pick up.

   It's not like I Iike any of them, but anyway. I'm not exactly the nerd type that reads comics, I actually am the one who picks up the nerds that the horrible mean girls leave behind. I feel bad for them, and the way Cece and the others cheat and play them like the toys babies play with.

   In the famous words of my brother, "Maxi, you are one badass chick!" I could consider myself a rebel, but not likely. I just don't understand why my brother calls me that. Yeah, maybe I may be hot when people actually pay attention to me, and I do have a personality, but the only time boys see me, is when the drop their lunches on my head.

   Ugh, off topic, AGAIN!

   So apparently, since no girl has ever become the warrior, I have to take extra precautions. Honestly, when I asked why the warrior commitee didn't just pick a new boy warrior, all they did was just look at each other and say, "Because rules are rules." 

    All I wanted to do was say, FUCK OFF, buts its not like they would listen to me. 

    So right now, as I walk to the training committee, I get ready for a new "AWESOME" day. Note the sarcasm. My day will most likely be filled with fun times the number of stares I get when I crush the other warriors with my answers to questions.

    The other warriors are from other provinces that I couldn't care less about, but I still have to go see them and battle them for their skills. Hell yeah I don't want to be the warrior, but at least I want a fair fight.


Princess Ivy

    "I don't know what I'm going to do, Abella. I've lived like a future queen, which someday that I shall be. But to be fair, I don't deserve this, the true princess does." I told my lady in waiting, Abella.

     "i don't know princess, Princess Amara has been missing for a long time, ever since she was lost in the forest on her fifth birthday." I turned around to face Abella. We were in my huge bedding chamber, getting ready for another fabulous ball.

      "I really dislike these balls Abella, I really just want the true heir to rise to the throne. Everyone already hates me." 

    "Oh dear Princess Ivy, you know I love you darling. But the provinces have their charms, and the true heir has been lost. Unknown to kidnapping among other theories. The only thing you need to worry about is the troublesome new warrior Maxi."

    I groaned. " ABELLA! That is what I'm talking about. The freedom of doing something for the first time. Being the first to do something. That right there shoes that I shan't be the princess, if anything, Maxi deserves it. Not me, she would be better anyway."

    "Sorry princess, keep in mind, she is a girl. She is bound to fall in love and make sacrifices not meant to be made. And in the worst case, falling in love with the enemy." Abella said sternly while braiding my coal black hair that has blue and purple streaks through it.

     "Yes Abella. But a girl like that, shows truth to the province of Montella. She doesn't follow the rules, she follows hers." I complained.

      "Princess Ivy, the force of Warrior Maxi is a force that shall not be reckoned with. She is basically saying, her land, her rules, and this land shall not be removed from existence from her mistakes! And now, princess, I advise you to shut your royally induced mouth while I braid your hair and get you ready for the smashing ball tonight."

       I took my hand , and motioned across my lips as if to signal that my lips are sealed. But this is far from over.


Warrior Ethan, from the province of Questlian

   "Damn, that new warrior chick is hot, hot, hot!" my best friend Liam whispered. I smiled a crooked grin. "I suppose, but don't you have standards?" I asked foolishly. 

   Liam looked at me playfully. " Well, yes, but I have to snog her first before you do." I laughed because I couldn't help myself.

    "Dude, I have standards, and admit, you are a player, and you just think that I am one to!" I told him.

   Liam and I were at my house supposedly studying for the combat test, but we couldn't help talking about Maxi, and to be fair, all the warriors couldn't. She doesn't really talk about her personal life, so obviously everyone is curious. Yeah, she's hot, but I couldn't car less about dating. I'm only 17, I have a whole life ahead of me.

   "Okay Ethan, and why do you think I'm a player-" Liam started.

   "Let me ask you this, how many women have you slept with?"

   "Point taken." Liam acknowledged. 


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