That bad feeling

Tristan is a 15 year old girl. She has been having a bad feeling all day about Halloween night, she has begged by her friends and brother to go out for Halloween. Her father bribes her and she goes out against her gut, what will happen?


1. 1

       I laid down on my bed while listening to my music, reading a horror novel my mother had recently bought me. It was Halloween night. My friends had been begging me to go since school had ended. A knock came from my mahogany colored door. 
"Come on Tristan, you can't stay in there all night. It's Halloween!" My twin brother, Tyler, whined from the other side of the door. 
"Watch me Tyler." I said. 
        I looked up from my book as I heard my door being opened. Tyler poked his skull painted face in, with a frown plastered on his face. His black dyed hair was slicked back, with a fedora a top of his head. His Hazel eyes showed excitement with a tint of sadness. I sighed and placed my bookmark into my book before closing the hard covered copy.
"Come on, this'll be our last Halloween before mom decides that we're too old." Tyler said
"You're going with your girlfriend, I don't feel like being a third wheel Tyler. Plus I have a bad feeling about tonight." I said to him
"You could with your friends, and besides Kelsey is cool. You won't be a third wheel." Tyler said, ignoring my part of having a bad feeling.
"Tyler..." I sighed "I just don't feel like going out. I've had a horrible feeling about tonight anyways. I think it'd be safer to stay inside."
"If this is about those stupid clowns that have been appearing around town." Tyler groaned
"No, but that is a serious thing Tyler! They've got weapons!" I said in defense 
"Tris I told you a million times, those clowns are just people looking to get a good scare out of people." Tyler said and opened the door more
         I groaned and slammed my book down on to my bed side table. I could hear more footsteps coming down the hall. 
"Now what are my bud and princess fighting about now?" My fathers rough smooth voice sounded
"Tristan doesn't want to go out for Halloween, because she's so scared of the clowns." Tyler said and turned to face my father.
         My fathers tall figure appeared in the door way. His messy brown hair and bright green eyes, gleamed with joy and love. His tan face adorned a bright smile.
"I'm not scared of the clowns! Dad I'm not afraid of those clowns. Tyler is making it up." I said and sat up
Father chuckled "I know you aren't cariño."
          Tyler rolled his eyes. "Then why won't you go with me? Luke has been bugging me to bring you."
           Luke was one of my best friends. I should have known my brother would bring Luke up to try and get me out.
"Really?" I asked
"Really." He said
"Tristan, mi cariño, if you go with your brother me and your mother will buy you that new bookcase you've been wanting." Father bribed 
            I thought about my fathers bribe. It was a good deal. But was it worth the risk. Should I go against my gut and go, or say no and trust my gut. It was a hard decision, my brothers puppy eyes didn't help my decision much.
             I let out a sigh and looked to my father. "You drive a hard bargain Mr. Father." I said to him as I stood up.
"I know, I know. But will you accept it Miss. Romero?" My father asked and raised an eyebrow 
I held out my hand to him. "You fortunately have a deal." I said to him. Going against my gut shouldn't be bad right? And besides it's Halloween, what's the worst that could happen.
              My father took my hand and gave it a good hardy shake. His goofy grin grew. We let go of each other's hand. Tyler was ecstatic and was already out the door yelling 'woohoo'. I shook my head as my father left the room. 
               I walked over to my closet and dragged out the costume my mother had bought me at the start of the month. I took my pajamas off and changed.

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