Venzerria's tale

An adventure of four original characters that I created, a story that set in a kingdom that filled with fantasy, Venzerria.
Check out my hand-drawn illustrations for this fiction, link :


2. Prologue

“Hey, wait a minute, Zox! I’m talking to you.”


“Ugh, again?!” He sighed while watching him slowly disappeared into the fog.

“Well, you know, you just can’t talk to him like a normal person, he’s just not like one” A faint voice raised from behind.

“Lucas? Ah-ha, of course I know, it’s just that I wanted to treat him like one” He sighed again.

“It takes time, Rim, you can’t just force him to act like someone he doesn’t want to be.” Another soft voice.

“Isn’t that just like you, Vistz?” He teased the guy while watching his pet, Ray hopping around the garden.

Vistz blushed while scratching his hair, “Hey Lucas, don’t laugh like an idiot!” 

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