Venzerria's tale

An adventure of four original characters that I created, a story that set in a kingdom that filled with fantasy, Venzerria.
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4. Chap 2- Royal's Garden

`Royal's Garden

The Royal’s garden, a place for the nobles to gather and have tea break, a picturesque garden that houses various types of flowers and grasses, *A: Want to enjoy tea break here? contact Vistz, ah-ha* *Author got kicked by Vistz* *A:Sorry for that, just kidding*. Truth is, it’s a dream for the norm to be invited here, for the case of Zox, we’ll discuss later.


“Hey, come on Lucas, you’re so late!” Viszt’s loud voice echoes along the hallway.

“Oh lord, stop shouting and running like a kid here, Viszt, this is the palace!” Lucas frowns slightly,when will this kid ever grow up, he thought.

“Hmm? This is my home, what’re you saying, don’t be so nervous, I won’t eat you up.” Viszt grins from ear to ear.

Two rows of servants can be seen along the hallway, some of them are greeting the guests with warm smile while others are standing straight to welcome the guests. 

“Well, you can be right at this point.” Lucas shrugs.

“Lucas, welcome to the Royal’s Garden, it’s a pleasure to meet you again.” a man dresses in tailor-made butler uniform stands in front of the entrance to the Royal’s Garden greets Lucas with broad smile.

“Mr. Chester, it's great to see you again.”

“Rim and the Queen have been waiting for quite a while now, I’ll lead the way.” 

Aroma from the flowers and herbs linger in the air, it relaxes one’s mind, though this is not the first time Lucas has been to this place, it feels so relaxing every time he’s here, he is glad that he accepted the invitation.

“MOMMY, Lucas is here, Rim, there you are, welcome!” again another yells.

“Alright, calm down, you little one, you’re embarrassing your friends here, Lucas, welcome, how’s your dad and mom?” Queen Rachel smiles at Lucas while calming down Viszt at the same time.

“Good day, Your Majesty.” Lucas greets the Queen while bowing. “My parents are at good health, I’ll send your regards to them.” 

“Good day to you too, little Lucas, alright, don’t be so tensed, it’s just a tea party, enjoy yourself. The King won't be joining us today as he has some urgent issues to settle, alright, Vistz, don’t sulk, all your friends are here, you can tell your daddy more later.” 


“Hello to you too, Rim.” Lucas waves to the other guy that is quietly sitting on the chair.


Being the top student at the Venzerria’s academy, Rim is absolutely one of the few geniuses at Venzerria, his family, House Hilmeston, has a great contribution to the kingdom in terms of intellectual, Rim’s father, the president of the Intellect association, often proposes ideas that help in strengthening the nation. The House was awarded with the Royal title, one of the few families with such outstanding achievements. Rim, his hair is dark in colour, his mascot, a bear, always hangs on his shoulder whenever he goes.*A: aww, so cute* *Evil stare from Rim* A formal guy, you can say, he is very warm-hearted towards the animals and his friends but he will always behave like a good student in front of the public. *A: He doesn’t has much friends, so yeah* *Evil stare from Rim*

“Is there a sudden increase of the birds around the garden?” Vistz wonders.

Few pigeons can be seen flying around the garden, while a row of white pigeons are resting on top of the palace’s roof. What’s so special about this row of birds? Well, there is a red bow tie hanging around each of their breasts. *A: Hew,hew, mysterious person is coming.*

“He’s coming indeed.” Rim says with a light frown.

“Woah, this must be a miracle.” Lucas smirks.

All of a sudden, the wind is blowing hard as if to welcome his arrival, a young and tall male appears in front of their very eyes, he is wearing an entirely formal suit and a black mouth mask with smiling face on it. As usual, there is a tiny white creature on top of his brownish hair, his pet, a white bird.

Instead of proper greeting, he suddenly sprints with all his strength and hugs Vistz like a teddy bear.

“Vistz, so nice to see you, aww, you won’t know how excited I was when I received your invitation.” Zox sends his greeting to Vistz while constantly rubbing his face against Vistz’s face.

“……..” the garden is now dead in silence.

The first to break the silence is Vistz, he is blushing at the moment *A: Awwwww* *Author got kicked by Vistz* *Author still staring with admiration* *…….*

“Hey, hey, Zox, yes, I know your excitement, please calm down, there are some other people right here.” Vistz replies while still struggling to get out from Zox’s tight embrace.

“Ah-oh! Oops, I have forgotten, my apologies.” Zox apologises with a smiling face. *A: He’s wearing a mouth mask, so basically you can’t see anything, lol*

“Good day to you, Your Majesty. Hello, my little Lucas and Rim.” a normal greeting, luckily.

“My little one, will you give me a hug too?” Queen Rachel smiles warmly at Zox.

“Of course, my pleasure.” Zox embraces the Queen while Vistz still blushing at the corner.

“It is indeed my pleasure to have all of you here, there’s something I want to discuss with all of you.” Queen Rachel quickly addresses the topic.The rest of them remain silent, The Queen continues.

“Although this is a small issue and I do not want to bother all of you here, but there is no other ideal way to opt for, it’s actually a simple request,a group of students are having some affairs in the Academy. According to the watchers, I was told that they might have some illegal weapons in hands, I think their intention is to bully the others at school.”

“The Academy? It’s rare that father didn’t tell me anything.” Lucas's face becomes stern.

“We have just received the information earlier today, maybe he will discuss with you when you’re back at home, it is a serious matter that will greatly affect the safety in the academy. Therefore, will all of you help me to solve this issue?” 

“It is indeed our pleasure to accept this request, Noblesse oblige, furthermore, I won’t forgive anyone who disrupts the regulation of the academy.” Lucas answers immediately.

“Is that okay for you too, Zox?” she asks.

Zox is not a noble, though his family, House Veneiz, is part of the kingdom’s military control, his father is the General of the military. Although the House was once offered with royal title, the General had rejected it immediately. "This is for the people." he replied to the king with a kind smile. The king shook his head with a defeated look. The King and the General have a solid friendship ever since they were young. Even that the House was not awarded with any royal title, the Veneiz family is still being treated just like the nobles.

“This is for the people. Definitely, it is my obligation to accept this request, furthermore, these guys are going to have a hard time if I'm not with them.” Zox teases the others like he always does.

“………” another silence.

“Hmm, well then, I will be waiting for the good news.” The Queen smiles. 

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