A boy that discover something more than he could imagine about the event that destroyed half of the galaxy, and to prevent the incident to be repeated in another galaxy


3. Chapter 2: Rachel Moraletz

I press the elevator button waited for the elevator to arrive. After several minutes of waiting, the lift finally arrived, an attractive ladt walked out of the elevator all men turned and looked eagerly on her, i looked on her nametag and I know she is Rachel Moraletz.

The elevator door closes up, as she walks towards me, I am feeling so nervous. She walks towards me and touched my chest and said:" You look nervous." She said in a sensual way, then she kissed in the cheek.

I grabbed her hand and moved my head away from her lips, I moved her hands away, and asked about the email " I did send the mail, and your training is going to start in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" she said.

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