A boy that discover something more than he could imagine about the event that destroyed half of the galaxy, and to prevent the incident to be repeated in another galaxy


2. Chapter 1: A quest from the authorities

Everrett Lee

I woke up from my deep sleep fell eager for more. I opened the gated and shrieking noise came out of the rusty metal door. I walk onthe street with several hoverbike hovering around me.

As I walked through the street, I took a cup of Smuckers tea away, and continue my journey to the headquaters of CRATUS.

Not for long, I sat down and turned on my computer and a CRATUS logo appeared. I waited for the screen to turn while a sharped jaw guy came across with a hoverboard skammed down my computer. Slamming down my computer and he yelled:" This is the newbie here!" His yells followed my a sharp and demonic laugh.

I could not take it in so I just turned over to my table and turn on my computer again. This time the CRATUS logo appeared again. Then an E mail popped out of my screen. I clicked it and found a message delivered to me from the authorities.

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