The Letters

What do you do when you're meant to be executed? Just for doing what anyone else would do? After seeing more horror and bloodshed than anyone should have to, what can be done under the heat of fire and rising tensions?


2. Joey

Dear Joey,

How are you? How are Mom and Dad? Or Maggie and her husband? You better have saved me photos from their wedding. I've missed you all more than I can say.

It seems the U.S. is going to get involved with the war. Unless they start drafting, please please PLEASE don't enlist. You're still a kid, so act like one. Go to school, get smart...make something of yourself. Someone worth remembering. I can't imagine my life and what I've done is worth much now, after everything that's happened here.

I digress. Do you still draw? I was wondering if you did. I still have some pictures you drew and left in my bags before I left. There was one thing I wanted to keep. The first sunrise after our first battle. We didn't have a camera and the black and white wouldn't have kept the colors as vibrant as they were. The pinks and oranges blending over a wheat field, a farm barely left unscathed, our flag hung from a tree on a hill. Oh how I wished I could have had you there with me to draw it for me. It gave all of us a sort of hope though. A hope that this war would end soon. I do hope it does. I hope that wherever I may...end up, that I can see the good you'll do from where I am. I know you'll do something great and make a name for yourself. I can feel it.

Your Older Brother,


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