I'm Austin Mahone's Sister?

Erial was a normal girl with friends and an annoying brother and sister. Little did she know they were not really related. One day she gets home and her 'mom' tells her she's adopted. She is enraged at the facts she never knew and only found out when she was 14. She has no idea who her real parents are or if she even has some. But her questions are soon answered when she answers a knock on the door to see the Foolish 4 and Michele Mahone.

Austin was a normal teenage pop star when all of a sudden his mom tells him he has a half-sister. He soon enough goes off to search for her but she is not what he expects. Who knew having a half-sister would be such a hassle.


3. He's My Brother?

2 weeks later Erial's P.O.V.

'What am I gonna do now?', that was the only thought going through my mind at that moment. I just sat there thinking of all the happy days with them and the small arguments that we ended up laughing at the next day.

I heard a knock at my door.

"Erial can we talk? Please?" I groaned in my head and thought of something to say.

"Can we talk later I'm kinda busy?" I physically cringed when I heard my voice rise and knew that my sister knew my lying tell.

I started moving around pretending I was busy. Surprisingly she bought it.

"Oh, ok" I heard her say and then I heard her footsteps fade down the hall.

Austin's P.O.V. -this is following last chapter-

"WHAT!!" I didn't mean to yell but it just came out in shock. I stood from my seat and started pacing around the room.

"Look Austin I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier it's just you were having so much fun and I didn't want to just drop it on you and now I figured out that, that was wrong and I'm sorry." I could see the true guilt in my mom's face and I always knew I could never stay mad at my mom.

I sighed to calm down and sat back down "It's OK mom I just have one question. Will you help me find her?"

"Actually that's not gonna be a problem 'cause I already did." She smiled at me and I jumped from my seat again but this time with a grin.

"Really, where is she?" I asked in excitement.

"Calm down Austin we can't go right away we need to tell the boys and get prepared." I slightly freaked out when she said tell the boys.

"Tell the boys, right. How am I going to tell the guys this?" I sigh again "But, honestly, where is she, mom?"

"She's in California. Moreno Valley, California."

Erial's P.O.V. -back to two weeks later-

As soon as she left I turned up my music/bass to the highest it would go. By the way, the song I'm listening to is If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys. The way I dress fits what I hear but at times I can listen to any song just not Drake's love songs, sorry but I don't wanna be another girl obsessed him. After that song finished I put in One Direction's new CD in (Midnight Memories). In the middle of singing The Story Of My Life some idiot had to knock on the front door. I turned down my music and looked outside my window slightly to see all the cars here and a Range Rover parked out front. I groaned when I heard them knock again and went to go open the door, which was probably my uncle coming to borrow money.

Austin's P.O.V.

It's been 2 weeks since I found out I had a sister I told all the boys and they were all shocked, but they soon believed me. So right now we're down the street from my sister's house. We're getting closer by the second and now we're right in front of her house. When I say 'we're' I mean me, my mom, Alex, Robert, and Zach. Ok now we're walking to her front door & I'm really nervous. My mom sees this and gives me some comforting words to calm me down. Alex knocks on the door seeing none of us were gonna do it. We wait a whole 2 minutes and I knock again this time. We wait again a few more minutes and turn to see the cars till in the driveway. When Alex was about to knock again a girl opened it saying

"Look tio, I swear this time we really are broke so...."

The only thought going through my mind is 'Is this, my sister?'

Erial's P.O.V.

I go to get the door just in my black booty shorts and my Black Veil Brides T-Shirt and as soon as I'm about to open it I start saying ...

"Look tio, I swear this time we really are broke so...."

"Vicky!!" I yell for my adoptive mother.

"Ya!" She yells back.

"There's someone at the door for you!!" I yell while still looking at the people who were staring at me so focused as if waiting for me to do a trick or something. I turned around to avoid their stares but still feel them on the back of my head.

"I'll be right there." I heard the chair squeak when she scoots it back and hear her footsteps getting closer.

I turn back to the people in front of me "She's coming" I pull a fake smile and walk back from the door.

As soon as I try to get away, Vicky appeared behind me.

"Michele?? Come in, come in you must be freezing in that cold." I lean around the door frame to see the frost on the grass and ice on the windshields.

In California when it gets cold we never get snow, sometimes some hail and ice on cars and grass but never snow.

"Erial go take the boys to your room before Karina attacks them."

I groan in frustration but still wave for the guys to follow me. I took all 4 boys to my black/red bedroom and waiting for them to take a seat.

"You can sit on my bed or the couch and play some PS4 or some Xbox if you want." I pointed at the game consoles and the bottom of my bunk bed where they could sit. "There are only three rules and I expect them to be followed for the little time you are here." I stopped talking to see if they wanted to say anything but heard nothing.

"The three rules are 1. Please don't touch anything but the games and consoles. The games are in the box right under my bed so go through them and figure out which you will want to play. 2.
Ask any questions you want because I am also curious why you got stuck in this room with me to and 3. No complaining about my music or my singing or you can get the hell out. Okay? Okay."

Once I was done with my speech I turned up my music again but I put on Miley Cyrus instead. I went on the top of my bunk bed and just lay down and thought about my situation.

Austin's P.O.V.

Wow, this girl is super chill. I'm still hoping this is my sister but there's only one way to find out.

"So why do you call your mom by her name?" I ask while looking through her games and was surprised at what I found. Call of Duty 1, 2, 3, and Ghosts. Along with Advanced Warfare and Battlefield.

"Well for one that is her name after all. And second, of all, she is my adoptive mother so she doesn't deserve to be called 'mom'."

I was mentally freaking out when I heard she was adopted but kept myself together and picked a game while keeping the conversation going.

"Not to be nosy but why do you think she deserves to be called mom?" I looked up to see she hadn't moved from the spot so I continue "I mean even if she isn't your birth mother she did raise you and taught you right from wrong. I mean sure I would be mad too but she would still be my mom and -" I stopped talking when I heard her sit up on the bunk bed.

"You said 'not to be nosy' right? Then please butt out." She grinned sarcastically at me and then laid back down.

Not wanting to drop the conversation I asked one more question "Sorry, but I need to ask. Who are your real parents?"

She sighed in frustration and said, " I don't even know and please stop talking now."

I look towards the guys and they were all giving me sad looks.

Michele's P.O.V.

As soon as the kids left the room, Vicky, starting talking.

"Michele I told you she wasn't ready! She is still enraged at me!" She started to pace the room.

"Look, Vicky, I'm sorry, I really am, but my boy wanted to meet her as soon as possible. I know it wasn't timed right but when you reached out to me saying you were going to tell her I had to tell my boy also."

"Well, he met her." She sighed and sat down across from me.

"She's beautiful," I said with a small smile.

"She is Carter's girl."

Erial's P.O.V.

After the extremely awkward and slightly annoying conversation, I had with the guy with the lightest brown hair. I started up a conversation of my own.

"So, what are your guys' names?" I question.

"Alex Constancio," A guy with dark hair said.

"Robert Villanueva." A guy with even darker hair said

"Zach Dorsey," said one with dirty blonde hair.

"Austin Mahone, " Said the last one.

When they were done I was about to say my name when all of a sudden Michele I believe and Vicky came in.

"Alrigh, guys we all we need to have meeting. Meet us in the dining room." Michele spoke.

They both walk out and I sit up to get down from my bed and I see all the guys also standing up.

"You guys go ahead I gotta make a quick phone call."

"How do we-?" Alex partially asks.

"Right. Okay, so just walk out go right last entrance on your left. You'll have to pass through the living room."

They thank me, I wait for them to leave and then close and lock my door.

I grab my iPhone out of my pocket and go through my contacts to dial Tyler.




"Hey Tiger, you busy?"

"Nah, I'm at the twins why what's up?"

'Is that Erial?' 'Yo, why did you pause it?!' I heard the twins ask in the background.

"I just need my boys right now. You think you can pick me up?"

"Yeah, totally I'll call you when I'm outside."

I smile subconsciously "See you then, and you to twins!"

'It is Erial! Erial!' I heard Alec yell.

"Gotta go! See you then!" I heard the dial tone and laugh at their reactions.

I put away my phone, leave my room, and head towards the dining room.

I walk past everyone who was talking and took a seat next to an already seated Alex.

Once everyone was seated Michele started talking.

"So, I imagine we all discovered that Erial is adopted by now?" She asked

"Yes after a very awkward and persistent conversation" I sigh.

She sighs also and then looks to Austin, I think his name is "Alright, and Austin you have a sister that you recently just found out about."

"Yeah so, what about it?"

Michele sighs again and rubs her hands on her face "Austin, Erial," she looks at both us "you're siblings."


Hey guys not even sure if anyone is actually reading this but um here is an update they will usually come every 3 to 4 weeks I am really busy it's almost the end of the semester and I gotta get stuff done but I'll see when I can update and I hope u liked this chapter be sure to leave a like and comment .

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