I'm Austin Mahone's Sister?

Erial was a normal girl with friends and an annoying brother and sister. Little did she know they were not really related. One day she gets home and her 'mom' tells her she's adopted. She is enraged at the facts she never knew and only found out when she was 14. She has no idea who her real parents are or if she even has some. But her questions are soon answered when she answers a knock on the door to see the Foolish 4 and Michele Mahone.

Austin was a normal teenage pop star when all of a sudden his mom tells him he has a half-sister. He soon enough goes off to search for her but she is not what he expects. Who knew having a half-sister would be such a hassle.


2. A/N

Hi,my name is Patricia.I know I am soon going to get claims that I stole this story and I swear I have not. I recently tried getting back onto my old Movella which has all my drafts to this story that I wish to continue now but I was locked out. If you would like proof that I am the official owner visit my wattpad 'lipbitesmalik' or my quotev 'mrsdeanwinchester78' the story will also be on there and I originally wrote this story on wattpad but chose to share it here. Also, I will like to say that there will be regular updates unlike last time and I do plan for the story to begin how it did originally but I might change things along the way along with the writing skills. They will be immensely improved since I started writing this when I was 11 and I am now 14 soon to be 15 so I have improved a lot if you like I am also going to start more stories on my wattpad so go check those out. I think that is all for now but if I do have another A/N I will simply update here instead of  adding a new chapter.

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