No Room for Love

Eli and Brooklyn were everyone's ideal couple. They didn't have it all, but they had each other... until they didn't.


9. 9.

*Present Day*


Eli and Brooklyn made it to the wedding venue. It was a large building that had multiple ballrooms for different events. The wedding was being held in one of the larger ballrooms. There were lots of tables decorated with large white bouquets and olive green and silver accents everywhere. In the front of the room, there were tall candelabras and a floral arch where the groom and bride will stand during the ceremony. Behind the candelabras and to the left sat a white grand piano, a music stand and two microphones. That's where Brooklyn and Eli would be. Eli said hello to a few of his former coworkers as they made their way to the piano. Eli sat down on the piano stool and spread out his sheet music. Brooklyn sat on a small stool next to the piano and placed her list of songs onto the music stand. They sat and chatted quietly until the wedding planner told Eli that they were ready to get started. He played soft music, and the groom, best man, and minister came in. Then the wedding party came strolling in; groomsmen in black tuxedos, and brides maids in elegant olive colored gowns. Once everyone was in place, Eli changed the music, and  Brooklyn began to sing. As she sang the words to a beautiful love song, the doors opened and in glided Debbie -Eli's former coworker- holding her father's arm. She was a beautiful bride. Brooklyn finished the song and took her seat. Just as she sat something caught her eye.


Long red fingernails were running through a blonde bob,and salt and pepper hair next to it. Brooklyn let out a low groan. It was quiet, but Eli heard it.

"What's wrong?" Eli whispered.

Brooklyn just rolled her eyes and nodded in their direction. Eli turned and looked in the direction she nodded and shook his head. He put a hand on her knee and gave it a squeeze. Leaning over, he began to whisper again. "Don't worry, babe. Just ignore them and stay with me." He pecked her lips and sat back up, ready to start the next song.


The wedding was a breeze, the food was delicious and the DJ was playing the best music. Brooklyn and Eli had managed to not have any encounters with Sarah and Mr. Carter. They were on the dance floor chatting as they swayed to the music.

"Would you like to do this one day?" Eli asked as he kissed Brooklyn's forehead.

"Do what?" she asked, not sure what he was referring to.

"You know...get married. I heard it's every girl's dream!" He smirked at her.

Brooklyn giggled. "I don't know about every girl, but yes. Getting married is one of my dreams. I've always wanted to have a husband and a family of my own."

Eli bent over and rested his mouth near her ear. "I bet you would be an extremely sexy soccer mom."

This statement struck Brooklyn as more funny than sexy and she burst out laughing. "I sure hope so!" she said in between laughs. When she finally stops laughing she noticed the pile of gifts on a table in the back of the room.

"Did you bring in the gift?" She asked.

"Sorry babe. I left it in the car."

"It's okay. I'll go get it." Brooklyn let go of Eli's neck and sashayed across the dance floor and out the door. Once she reached Eli' s truck, she grabbed the handle on the passenger's side. Before she could open the door she heard someone clear their throat. Brooklyn turned around and there she was; the devil herself.

"Sarah." Brooklyn breathed in a barely audible voice.




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