No Room for Love

Eli and Brooklyn were everyone's ideal couple. They didn't have it all, but they had each other... until they didn't.


4. 4.


*Present Day*


"Do you have your inhaler? If not, you left one in my medicine cabinet." Brooklyn asked,  grabbing the bottom of her dress, and making her way to Eli's truck.

"There's one in the center console." Eli ran to grab her door. He smacked her bottom as she climbed in. Once Brooklyn was seated, Eli walked around to the driver's side and hopped in. They pulled out of the driveway and turned onto the main road. A few minutes of driving had passed and Brooklyn had been sitting in silence, staring out the window. Eli knew that look. Something was worrying Brooklyn. She usually got really quiet when she was upset. As she sat in deep thought, she felt Eli's fingers begin to brush across her knuckles. She grabbed his had and looked over at him.

Eli looked at Brooklyn and frowned. "What's wrong, babe?"

"Do you think your Mr. Carter and Sarah will be there? You know, since this is your coworker's wedding; well, used-to-be coworker." She bit her lip.

Eli immediately understood why Brooklyn would be concerned. His old boss, John Carter, and his daughter, Sarah didn't exactly care for them. Eli hasn't seen of heard from Mr. Carter since he offered Eli a partner position at a marketing firm he used to work for three years ago. Sarah also worked at the firm for her father. It seemed strange to Eli -at the time- that her father would offer him the partner position instead of her, but she didn't seem to mind.

"I don't know, honey." He reached up and pulled her lip out. "Stop that. You know I can't take it when you bite your lip."

"But what if he is, Eli?" Brooklyn said, slapping Eli's hand away from her lip.

Eli sighed and put his hand back on the steering wheel. "So what if he is? You don't have to worry about them as long as they don't say anything to you. And if they do, I'll handle it"

"I bet" Brooklyn said, rolling her eyes, and looking back out the window.

Eli pulled the car over and turned Brooklyn's head to face him.

"Baby," he stared into her eyes. "I will be with you the whole time. If they show up and try to say anything to you, I will deal with them. Understand?"

Brooklyn looked down at her lap remembering what happened the last time. Eli lifter her chin back up.

"Baby, look at me." She looked into his eyes. " I promise, okay?" He let go of her chin, and she nodded yes.

"Good." Eli leaned across the seat and gave her a quick kiss on her lips before settling back into his seat and pulling back onto the road.

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