No Room for Love

Eli and Brooklyn were everyone's ideal couple. They didn't have it all, but they had each other... until they didn't.


3. 3.


*Four Years Ago*



Brooklyn made it to Eli's apartment for her piano lesson, but after knocking a few times, she decided to call him.

"Hello?" Eli answered the phone.

"Eli, where are you? And don't say home, because i'm at your front door." Brook responded in an exasperated tone.

"I'm sorry. I thought I would have enough time to grab my prescription and a few other items from the drug store. But I'm on the way now."

Brooklyn sighed, "Eli, I can tell you are just getting in the car. I can hear the door open and close... You are always late for everything. If you die before me, I'm going to make sure they roll your body into the church after everyone has already been seated for the funeral!"

Eli laughed, "I wouldn't have it any other way!"


When Eli made it back to his apartment he unlocked the door and let Brook in. As usual, Brook took her shoes off and put them underneath a side table in the living room, and set her purse on top of the table. They had become great friends over the past year, and grew more and more comfortable with each other. They made their way to the the back room where a black baby grand piano sat in the middle of the room and large olive green and grey pillows lay on the floor all around the room lining the walls. Brooklyn sat on the stool at the piano and pulled out her sheet music.


"Okay." Eli started, "Let's start with one that isn't super difficult. Do you have your sheet music for Clair de Lune?"

"Yes." She pulled out her paper and began playing. She let her long slender fingers glide across the keys as she rocked back and forth, stepping on the sustain pedal when needed, and turning pages as she goes. Eli walked slowly behind her from one side to the other, watching her movements.

"Ah!" She cried and stopped playing. "I always mess up on the high parts. It gets difficult there."


Eli slid onto the bench next to her and laughed a little. "That's okay. I can tell you've been practicing. Remember when you first started learning a year ago? You were horrible!" He broke into a fit of laughter when Brooklyn punched him in the arm and began laughing too.

"Okay." He said after regaining his composure. " It's probably because you're a lefty. Gotta keep practicing with that right hand. Start over, but this time you play bass and I'll play the treble parts. Ready?"


They began to play together. With every note played, Brooklyn felt like she was floating outside of herself, listening to the beauty that came from the two individuals on the baby grand piano. When the song finally came to an end, and the music stopped, Brooklyn -eyes closed- lifted her hands from the piano and placed them over her chest. A moment later, she felt a large hand cover her own, and a deep raspy voice say in a whisper, "What you are feeling now, that's how it's supposed to feel. That's real music, Brook; and you made it."

Brooklyn then opened her eyes and looked into Eli's bright green ones. "No, Eli. We made it real together."


That was saying everything and nothing at the same time, but it was enough to give Eli the chance he'd been waiting for. After an entire year of piano lessons and hanging out, he couldn't tell if Brooklyn felt anything more than just friendship toward him. She had made no advances, and had given no obvious signs that she wanted him the way he wanted her. But in that very moment, though she said very little, the way she looked at him when she said it made him feel like she was saying so much more. Eli lifted his hand off of hers, and ran a finger along her jaw line until it stopped at the front of her chin, and lifted her head. He looked into her big brown eyes for any sign that he should stop, and when he saw none, he placed his hand on the side of her neck -just beneath her left ear lobe- and leaned forward, pausing about an inch from her face. When he felt her thin fingers slide between those of his free hand he leaned the rest of the way placing his lips on hers. Gently at first, then more passionately when he felt her responding to his kiss.

Brooklyn had wanted this too, but she wasn't one to make advances. His lips were incredibly soft, but the kiss was firm. It completely turned her on. She turned her body towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, grabbing his hair. It was like sparks flew between them. Eli broke contact long enough to scoop her up into his arms and carry her to the far side of the room. He got down on the floor and leaned against a large green pillow propped up on the wall, then sat Brooklyn on his lap, straddling him.


After a while of making out and holding each other, Brooklyn decided she better go to the restroom and cool off before things got too heated. She tossed some water on her face, and stared at her reflection in the mirror for a moment trying to convince herself that this wasn't a dream. When she finally walked out of the bathroom, she heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. She couldn't tell what it sounded like, so she walked through the living room and turned the corner into the kitchen where the sound was coming from. There she saw Eli standing at the sink with a small blue tube in his hand squeezing it into his mouth.

Brooklyn would have never imagined... "You have asthma??"


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