No Room for Love

Eli and Brooklyn were everyone's ideal couple. They didn't have it all, but they had each other... until they didn't.


12. 12.


Over the past few days, Brooklyn had been trying to understand why Eli was so tight-lipped about the situation between him and Sarah, and his past. There had to be some reason why he dropped everything that day when Sarah mentioned his past and his "contract". Was it a contract with the firm or a contract between him and the Carters? An unsettling feeling came over Brooklyn. They must be blackmailing him. That's why he agreed as soon as Sarah said he was coming back to work after mentioning the contract. Brooklyn thought he also must have been trying to protect her from anything that may come of him revealing information when he broke up with her.

She instantly felt bad for ignoring him. She needed to let him know that she knows he didn't break up with her for no reason, and apologize for not thinking it over sooner. Brooklyn got dressed, grabbed her keys and ran out to her car, and drove over to  his place.

By the time she parked and ran up to his door and knocked, she was panting. Brooklyn could hear shuffling, then the door opened. Eli was standing there in nothing but shorts. with a weary look on his face, until he saw Brooklyn and he eyes shot open.

"Brook, are you okay?"

"I had to come see you." Brooklyn wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"What's wrong?" He lifted her chin, inspecting her face.

"I've been thinking, and I understand now." She forced the words out still a little out of breath.

"Understand what, babe?"

"Why you broke up with me, and that you're being bla-" Brooklyn stopped midsentence when she saw a half naked Sarah walk up behind Eli in revealing white lace lingerie and wrap her arms around his waist, rubbing his chest.

"Eli, I'm waiting on you. Come on baby." She made eye contact with Brooklyn as she flicked his ear with her tongue before walking off.

Brooklyn quickly turned to walk away, but Eli grabbed her arm.

"Brooklyn, please wait" He said in desperation.

Brooklyn turned, and slapped him hard on the face. "You don't look so miserable to me! I'm such a fool for coming back here. Forget you ever knew me." She snatched her arm back and left him standing in the doorway.


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