Life Reborn

A woman who is about to find that she has more than one past.


1. Premonition or Dream

As I was standing on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper, looking for a way down I hear the laugh of my pursuer, when I tried to turn around a blazing heat shot through my shoulder and blood running down my arm. While bleeding I ask "What was your purpose for shooting me" he said "To make you suffer before you die" then aimed for my heart, before he took the shot I threw a brick at him causing the gun to go off and the bullet hit my chest at a fast speed that had me falling off the roof. As I falling I wondered why this happened I saw my arms start to disappear in a stream of light, before I could understand what was happening the rest of me started to vanish as well till I was completely gone.

I woke up confused and frightened, as I was getting my breathing under control I saw a note at the end of my bed. When I tried to get up my vision got blurry and I felt lightheaded, while getting over it I picked up the note only to have dropped it after I read what was written. For a while I stood there shaking not knowing what to do next, as I was thinking my phone rang causing to jump a little. I timidly answer it not knowing who was calling then I hear my boss telling me that I'm late, as I checked what time it was I saw it was nearly 12. I was rushing to get ready as I was about to start my car I saw a strange car park on the other side of the street, although I thought I was unusual I just ignored it but little did I know that the person driving it would lead to my death.

When I was getting close to work i noticed that the car was following me, I ignored it hoping that the car would turn soon as I was pulling in the parking lot I saw that it was still following me, I got out the car fast and ran into the building. I was working while thinking about that car for a while I was unaware that the driver's presence was somewhere near by until I felt someone looking at me from somewhere while I was trying to find the person's location my boss was calling me after an hour I finally heard him when he screamed, I walked to his office momentarily forgetting the mystery person. As I opened the door my boss said "Well it's about time you got here would you care to explain why you were late" I said "I'm sorry sir I woke up late" he said "I don't want it to happen again understand next time don't stay up late" I said "Yes sir" then left. As I was heading back to my desk I bumped into someone I was going to apologize but stopped when the person said “Your life will end shortly” and walked away. I looked in his direction but the person was already gone, I stood there confused and a little scared; not knowing what to do next I walked around the building while looking for the person. After a while of walking I started to give up when I heard familiar laughing I looked around attempting to find the direction, but I didn't see anyone.

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