A twist in Time.

A year after the war, Harry still feels unsettled about everything. There's a lot of people, who he wish he could have saved. He thought, that going back to start and save the first person, then he could change everything. However, he ends in the wrong time period and met the one and only person, who he had tried so hard to escape from. (Warning: Yaoi! MalexMale. Don't like, don't Read.)


3. Time Discovers The Truth.

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Chapter 3. Time Discovers The Truth.


~ A week later ~


The agreement between them was still haunting Harry's mind, he had no way to return back to his own timeline, at least not before they figured out how to trigger the Time Turner to get him into the future and not the past.

So for now, Harry needed to pretend he was from this timeline and attempt school….. with Riddle.

He hated that last part, because it meant he needed to be around Riddle, even being in the same private dormitory as him.

How Riddle manage to speak the Headmaster into that? Harry would never know, but he had a little clue to how it could have happened.

Now, there was a couple of things, that Harry thought about. He found it strange how Riddle was this powerful. He knew, that Riddle always had been, but not that powerful as he had seen him now.

Something just didn't add up, but Harry couldn't point out what it could be.

His thoughts were drawn back again to reality, as he heard his name being spoken. "huh?"

"Did you even listen?" Riddle asked, his hand was outstretched, like he had asked Harry to hand him something.

"Sorry, lost in thoughts. What did you need?" Harry asked.

"The crusted beetle shell."

Harry looked at the small jar with the name, he took it and handed it over to Tom. "What were we doing again?"

"You are really not into potions, are you, Potter?" Riddle asked him, he slowly added the beetle crust to the cauldron, the brewing changed to a light sandish color.

"Potions never really got my attention, my professor weren't really…. helpful…"

Why did he speak as if they were near friends? Now he certainly lost his mind, didn't he?

"Your timeline sounds intriguing." Riddle muttered lowly.

"More than you know…." Harry mumbled, he looked down at his textbook, his eyes not really reading the text.

"Who was your teacher, Potter?"

"Can't answer that." Harry said right the way. "First of all, that will spoil the future, second of all, you don't need to know anything about the future." Harry explained, he had looked up at Riddle, only to meet the scarlet red eyes glaring at him.

"Oh do continue to glare me into death, I'm only obeying those time turner rules I've been told plenty of times." The sass that Harry's voice had, it surely didn't impress Tom very much. He rolled his eyes instead and let his attention go back to the potion brewing in front of them.

"How is it going with you two, boys."

Harry looked up as their professor came over to have a look at their potion. "It seem to go very well, I think i paired you two up as a good choice." Slughorn said with a kind smile.

Harry could still not get used to the younger look at Slughorn, but yet, he kept his mouth shut most of the time. "Mr. Potter could be a very good assistant for someone like me, if he at times wish to pay attention…." The glance Harry got from Tom, really was something that made him look away again. Odd feeling.

"I'm certain Mr. Riddle, that you could tutor him a little about Potions." Slughorn said, as he then moved a bit over to the rest of his class.

"Yeah right…" Harry closed the textbook in front at him, as he exhaled deeply.

"Your mood seem to change further, something on your nerves?"

"You…" Harry replied quickly, even though his eyes stayed down at the desk.

Tom properly stood for a few seconds to consider what kind of answer he should get back. but for once, Tom was speechless.

Harry noticed the silent from the Slytherin,first after a few minutes time, Harry then looked up at the Slytherin.

"What?" Tom asked, he seem to be busy with the potion.

"You went silence." Harry stated.

"Not always do I wanna comment on your silly small statements, Potter." Tom added some liquid into the cauldron, he eyed the textbook beside him to read through what was next.

"Whatever then…." Harry fold his arms against the desk and rested himself upon them, he exhaled again, this was getting boring.

Lost once more in his mind, Harry wandered down the corridor to the dormitory he shared with Riddle. He did hear that Tom were speaking some kind of words, but at this moment, Harry did not let his attention be on Tom.

First when they arrived at the front of the dormitory, Harry looked up when he noticed his way was blocked by Tom. At least, Tom's arm was in the way for Harry to enter.

"Get your head out of the clouds, Potter and listen."

Harry stood silence for a few seconds, before he sighed. "What?" He asked him.

"You didn't pay attention to anything?"

Tom rolled his eyes afterwards, he let his hand down and walked inside the dormitory, letting Harry get in afterwards.

"It might be possible for you to leave a message somewhere, in which your friends will be able to see you are… kinda stuck in the wrong Timeline." Tom repeated again, he let his bag slide down from his shoulder, as he rubbed his left shoulder. He seem to be aching a little.

Harry frowned a bit over it, if he remember right, Tom wasn't in a bad shape or were sick…..

Perhaps it was just the heavy shoulder bag, in which would give him a small aching on his left shoulder?

"Are you...alright?"

The words slipped out from his mouth, before Harry could think through. Was it a good thing to ask into Tom Riddle? A man, who would in his future try to kill him?

He mentally kicked himself, why would he care for Riddle?

He noticed the scarlet red eyes glancing over toward him, their eyes made a short eye contact and Harry… could almost swore he saw a bit of change in them. But what?

"I do believe it's none of your concerns….."

Harry almost felt hurt, when he heard how Tom spoke back to him. Sure he might wish he wasn't there and gone back to his time period….. but being a bit used to Tom, not as Voldemort, but as Tom Riddle, a normal boy who studied magic….

Harry just shrugged right after, he sat down in the armchair near the fireplace and looked into the fire, going lost in his own thoughts again.

For the first time, the two boys were so silence around one and another. Whatever had happened earlier that day, seem to have sat some kind of block between them. Like they wouldn't know, how to speak to one and another.

For hours they didn't spoke, for hours they didn't get in each other's throat or even in their sight. Harry continued to sit in the armchair for the time being, staring into the flames. His thoughts went to his friends, to his parents, right to the point where he thought about his situation.

How was he able to get back?...

~ A week earlier. ~

The two stared at the Time Turner for a second, before Harry reached out to take it back, only to feel the chain tugging at his neck, when Tom pulled it a little away from harry's reach. "Ah ah, if you try to turn this one, think twice…" he said, as he lowered it and held it in front at Harry's face.

"Can't you see?" He asked.

"Not when you put it so close to my face, could you just get off me already?!" Harry was reaching a limit, this was getting uncomfortable, being trapped between a chair and Riddle, it wasn't the best thing he could wish for right now.

"It's broken, there's a small tearing in the hour glass itself. If you tried to use it, who knows what could go wrong." Tom let his hand get to the back of Harry's neck.

"W-What are you doing?! " The feeling of the warm fingers brushing against his skin, it made a weird feeling through Harry, in which he had never thought of before.

A second later, Tom had the Time Turner in his hand, the chain was gone from around Harry's neck. "You won't be using this again."

It surely wasn't a statement, but more of an order. Harry frowned a bit over it, his emerald green eyes looked up to the scarlet red ones. "And since when did you start to show any kind of care?"

"Messing more with time, than you already have been doing can risk more than just your future, Potter." Tom shoot back. "Beside, it might even go so far that it can destroy you, when you are using it."

"No it can't…"

"Yes! It can."

Harry went quiet after a second, the way Tom shouted back that it could go so wrong. Why did he seem to be concerned? It confused Harry, Riddle wasn't supposed to care, right?

"Now, in case you wish to use it, I'll hide it away so you can't. "

Finally! Harry thought, while he felt Riddle getting off his lap: It didn't stop him from resting his head back, exhaling in relief. Tom had moved away, but for a second, Harry saw Tom's wand pointed right at him.

How fast did he get the wand out?

"Just in case, because I have a feeling you will peek to wherever I hide this." He said, as he let the Time Turner dangling from between his fingers.

Harry didn't manage to say another word, before he saw a light from the wand and he was out like a light.

~ back to present~

Harry was drawn back to present time, as he heard a snap in front at him, seeing Tom stood in front at him, the scarlet red eyes looking at him. "Where are you doing in that head of yours?" The Slytherin asked.

"Somewhere…." Harry answered, he pulled his glasses off a second, as he rubbed his eyes. He felt the tiredness getting to him.

Tom narrowed his eyes a moment, he fold his arms against his chest and watched Harry's movements. He noticed a few things about him, mostly that Harry was tired and had to much in his head. His eyes, however, wandered to Harry's forehead. It's the first time he really started to notice details about the boy, even…

Tom reached a hand out and brushed a lock of Harry's hair away, revealing the lightning scar.

Only to get his hands slapped away, as Harry moved the hair back over "Could you not?" he asked him.

"You never showed that before." Tom said instead, this time he fold his hands on his back, so Harry could see he wouldn't do it again. "I've some errands to run, being a Prefect has it duties you know." He told him.

"Fine, whatever."


"Don't snoop around, don't touch what isn't mine, i know…" Harry muttered, as he raised from the chair, almost facing Tom when he had not moved. "We clear?" Tom asked him.

Harry rolled his eyes at Tom, as he pushed past him. "Clear as glass…" He said over his shoulder.

Tom knew that Harry got it by now, even when it's only been a week, it seem like they understood one and another perfectly fine. "If I am not back by the time you are asleep, I wish you a goodnight." Tom spoke after Harry.

"Whatever…." Harry muttered.

Tom sighed, that boy needed to learn some manners. Proper manners…. He let his wand slip into his inner pocket, before he left the dormitory.

Harry heard the door closing, he exhaled, knowing he was alone for now. He sat upon the bed that had been granted to him, all while he stared over toward the bed Riddle slept in.

It had been strange the first night here, sleeping near his parents killer. Who should have thought?

Harry went to adjust himself on the bed, until his eyes caught a glint of something underneath Tom's bed.

Harry looked toward the front door of the dormitory, seeing that Tom truly was gone. His curiosity took over, so he went over to the other's bed and knelt down. Reaching a hand underneath the bed, Harry took out a small box. It looked old, almost 20-30 years old. He frowned a bit, as he ran his fingers over the box.

He noticed how it was designed, it had a lot of symbols on it, something that he was able to read, other words he barely was able to read or make out. Symbols of snakes, skulls… Of course. However, Harry never thought, that Tom would have something with a heart shape on. He could barely make out the letters it hold within it.

Harry slowly pulled the lid off, he looked at the first few things within it. Seeing…. a diary….

He remember it…. That's Tom Riddle's Diary, or as Harry know it, a Horcrux….

Harry looked toward the front door again, what if he could have a chance to stop Tom? Even before things goes wrong.

Harry flipped the diary opened, but stopped on a page. A picture was hidden within it and…

Harry properly stared at it for a few seconds, he went to take the picture up until….

"Just what do you think you are doing?!"

The diary was snapped shut, the picture hidden before his eyes. Harry felt a grip on his collar and was pushed against the bed. "Snooping into stuff that isn't yours…."

Harry was met with the Scarlet red eyes, but all he managed to say to his defence.

"Where are you truly from, Tom?"

The diary in Tom's hand was shut, but the picture had slide just a bit out from the bottom, showing a moving picture of Tom Riddle, hugging and resting his chin on Harry's shoulder, they smiled into the camera and looked so happy.


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