A twist in Time.

A year after the war, Harry still feels unsettled about everything. There's a lot of people, who he wish he could have saved. He thought, that going back to start and save the first person, then he could change everything. However, he ends in the wrong time period and met the one and only person, who he had tried so hard to escape from. (Warning: Yaoi! MalexMale. Don't like, don't Read.)


4. Revelations.

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Chapter 4. Revelations.


The grip at Harry's collar loosen just a bit, Tom still looked so angry, but it seem to wash away for a moment. "Not. Here." Tom said with a low voice, he took the box from the floor and placed the diary in it, before he put the lid on again and pushed it under the bed.

"Where then?" Harry asked. Somehow, he seem to be eager knowing what this could mean, but his mind also ran over the picture.

Him and Tom? Looking happy?

Tom seem to be restless now, he looked like he had been discovered for being a thief or something. The expression he had on his face, it wasn't one that Harry had seen before.

"If you try to run, I'll get you. If you try to speak to anyone about this, I'll get you. If you as much just think one wrong thing, I'll get you, understood?" Tom asked.

Harry had looked up at him for a moment, seeing the scarlet red eyes having some weird of emotions within them. Mix feelings?

"I said… understood?"

"U-Uhm yes…" Harry stuttered, he suddenly felt very nervous. His emerald eyes looked at an outstretched hand, Tom offering to help Harry up from the floor. The raven haired teen cleared his throat, his hand reached out and grabbed onto Tom's.

The sick feeling of being apparated away and out from the room, it was difficult to handle. Of course, he had been doing it for a year once a week or more than one time doing their escape.

He felt ground under him soon after, but once his eyes seem to focus again. He noticed a room, cold, dark and creepy looking.

He needed to cover his eyes a bit, once he saw light again. It came from a fireplace, the fire ignite and spark up.

A few more seconds, Harry started to noticed the room. He had kinda been seeing this before, seeing the room in details by his dreams in his fourth year at Hogwarts.

"Riddle's mansion…."

"Correct." Tom said, as he exhaled deeply. He ran a hand through his hair and looked at the fireplace for a second. Harry could see the small shimmering light in his eyes, but they told more than that. Harry almost could tell, that his eyes told a story, long story that could be painful for him to speak of.

"Do I get an explanation?" Harry asked him kindly. He tried not to freak out or look nervous as well.

"I dislike your silence…." Harry muttered. He got up properly from the floor and rubbed his hands from the small layer of dust. He could guess this place wasn't used often, since the dust level was a bit too much.

Harry almost couldn't believe his ears, he looked at Tom, hearing and seeing he were chuckling, laughing just a bit. It made Harry frown just a little, as he looked at Tom.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing, it's...just you…" Tom said, as he looked at Harry for a moment. It was almost longing, like he wanted to do something he wasn't allowed to do.

Harry was silence a moment, he continued to look at Tom for the time being. "Please, have a seat…" Tom offered, while he made a hand for Harry to sit on the armchair.

Harry still were quiet for a few seconds, before he took the offer and sat down upon the armchair. The only sound in the room, was the crackling fireplace, which illuminated the darkened room.

"I guess… it is only fair you get to know some things, Harry. Even though, I'll only answer, what you will be asking me." Tom stood near the fireplace, he gently fold his hands on his back and looked into the crackling fire, the wood pieces within making small noises, as the flames took a deeper hold on it.

Harry considered for a moment what kind of questions he properly could ask. His emerald eyes studied the taller one, seeing how the light from the fireplace made a few more details to Tom. He had always known, that Tom was a handsome young man. Everyone who had known Tom in his youth, would always describe him as handsome, elegant and intelligent young man.

For a few minutes, the silence seem to grow bigger between them, Harry bite his lower lip, he let his hands entwining with each other, as he leaned forward in the chair, his head bowed just a bit, while his eyes were on the dusty carpet.

"Where are you really from? What time period or Timeline if i can guess that further…." He glanced up a moment, seeing Tom shifted from one foot to the other, he noticed how Tom's hand grip onto his left shoulder, one Harry had noticed before.

It was signs he knew of, signs of being in pain, suffering from an injury of some kind. For now, Harry wanted to focus on the questions he asked, preparing himself for the answers he surely would get.

" 2rd May,1999." Tom answered, as he let his hand rest on his left shoulder, his scarlet red eyes looking into the fireplace. "Timeline, unknown for you. Or rather… " Tom exhaled softly, as he finally glanced back at Harry. "It could might have been you as any other versions of you out there" he told him.

"Other...versions of me?" Harry asked a little confused. He surely hadn't expected an answer like that.

"I'll get this sorted out first, Harry. Let me explain it on a way. so it might make sense." He said, as he waved his hand toward a second armchair, which stood in a corner. It flew toward him, but settled down a bit in front at Harry's chair, yet a little to the side.

"Imagine, you have gone through a day, but a choice will appear for you. You could choose to get into the forbidden forest, or simply go to the Great Hall." He started out, while the older Slytherin took seat in the newly summoned armchair.

"That is a choice path…." he told him. "It means, that you create two timelines, which is made of those choices. One way, you could go to the forbidden Forest, then there's a timeline created out of that. On the other hand, you could go to the Great Hall, which the second timeline then will be created. But yet, even if you choose one of them, the second one will be there, living that one out in another time period." he told him.

Harry seem to be confused, while Tom explained all this. He was close to ask, what that had to do with his question, but that was soon to be answered.

"In which…. leads to your question…." Tom said, before Harry could get a word input. "I am from 1999, a year after the original war of yours, a year after you defeated The Dark Lord, which also would be me." he explained, before he exhaled right after.

"It doesn't make sense…" Harry finally said, as he looked at Tom. "We defeated you, we fought and killed the horcruxes." He told him. "In your timeline, yes you did, but you on a point, was settled on a choice a long time before knowing of the horcruxes." Tom said, his scarlet eyes looked at Harry's for a moment.

"In the Chamber of Secrets, when you found the diary and your...friend's sister was going to die, so I could gain powers…" He started out, as he leaned forward just a bit himself.

"You…." he said, as he made a nod to Harry. "Choose to destroy the diary, in hope that it will save the day. While a second choice was in your mind that day too." He explained.

"I...I don't recall…."

"You… my Harry…" Tom said instead, "Choose to speak with me, reason with me and in secret… he kept the diary, a need for him to have some kind of connection to the magical world, but also other reasons" the Slytherin explained. He leaned back slightly in the chair, his hand went to his left shoulder and rubbed it. His face expressions suddenly seemed to change into a painful one.

Despite everything Harry knew and hold against Tom Riddle, every bad memory and thoughts he had about Tom, disappeared in seconds. Harry got up from the chair, he got in front at Tom, drawing his wand . "Show me" He demanded, as he made a nod at the shoulder "You are in pain, despite everything, I can't keep my attention on listening to you, while I see you in pain."

Those Scarlet red eyes looked right into Harry's Emerald ones, the look within his eyes, showed Harry a bit of change in Tom. He didn't look at Harry, as if he wanted to murder him, as if he needed Harry to vanish from the surface of the earth.

Tom didn't look at him, as if he was a pest. He showed no desire to end Harry, like Harry had been used to in his own timeline. Instead, the look he received was kindness, love and above all, Harry could see Tom was sad and scared.

He would always remember, that eyes told more than words could. "Please…." He whispered, Harry tightened his hold on his wand to the point his hand started to shake lightly.

A short moment after, Tom closed his eyes and moved in the armchair. He got on his feet, his free hand moved to the front of his own robes, as he unbutton it. Little by little, he had removed his white shirt.

Harry looked at Tom striped off the shirt, but the sight underneath it got him scared. From Tom's left shoulder to his lower back, a big red mark was placed upon his skin. It looked like a large whip had gone over the surface of his back, hitting him over his left shoulder.

No wonder that Tom would be in pain, if he carried the shoulder bag on his left shoulder. The pressure of the bag would get the wound in a tight space.

"What happened?" Harry dared to ask, while he got behind Tom slightly. He gently waved the tip of his wand over the wound, as he muttered a small spell. He wasn't the best to healing, but learning from Hermione, Harry had a few hints and tricks to help a wound being somehow fine and pain free.

"For now, I'll only answer your questions, for where I'm from and why. My wound and damaged body is not of your concern, Harry" Tom replied to him instead. He then closed his eyes when he felt the small healing spell running over the wound.

"One way or another, Riddle. I'll need to know it, so why not spill the beans already?" Harry asked him, properly being a bit rude to begin with. Even so, he continued to heal the small area that seem painful for Tom.

"First of all, we should take this in order and not overwhelm that mind of yours." Tom muttered, he leaned his head a little back, in which he got a poke on the top of his head. Tom opened his scarlet red eyes and looked back at Harry, seeing his unamused expression.

"Poking me won't do any good yo-"

Harry poked him once more, before he seem to smile just a bit. "It seem to shut you up though." He stated.


Harry frowned a bit, did he...do something wron-

A chuckle came from right after, as he ran a hand through his hair. It was still so strong for Harry to actually see Tom Riddle, laughing and smiling. He had never before thought, that this was something Tom was capable of doing.

"Can you continue, please?" Harry requested.

"Right…" Tom smiled just a little, as he looked at Harry for a small time. "Perhaps, the next question can help me out a bit to explain." He suggested

"Hmm…" Harry thought a moment, he let one arm wrap around his waist, while his hand with his wand within it went underneath his chin. What question could he ask?

"The picture...What's about that?" he asked him.

"It was taken the 31 July 1999. Your Birthday." Tom said, he remembered it clearly, almost like it was yesterday, as it might as well could be…

"So… that was my age? I mean… I turned 18 years that year?" Harry muttered more to himself, than he actually would ask Tom about it.

"You had a nice birthday…" Tom started, he made a flick with his wrist and got his shirt up from the floor, before he let the magical spell slide the shirt over his skin again, seeing as it slowly slide over his arms and button itself up right after.

Harry raised an eyebrow, he moved away from Tom, only so he could take a seat in the armchair again. He let his arms wrap around himself for a moment, the fireplace might be there, but that didn't meant the room was that warm enough.

Tom noticed the small detail, perhaps also because he knew Harry one way or another. He made his own Slytherin robe fly up from the floor, before he let it get over to Harry's shoulders, it slowly lowered itself down upon Harry's shoulders.

Harry did look at the slytherin robe for a moment, before he gently grab a hold on it and tugged it properly around him. "Thank you…"

"Don't mention it…" Tom replied, he gently took a seat on the armchair himself, the one being right beside Harry.

Harry still had a lot of questions, but his mind surely couldn't take much more information. Other then that, he felt tired.

Tom must have known it, since he let his hand move toward the fireplace, the fire dimmed down a nought. Making the room a darker and comfortable for the eyes to relax in.

"We can take more questions tomorrow, Harry. Luckily, we do not need to attempt classes tomorrow." The Slytherin said, while he glanced over at the Gryffindor. He had not needed to say more, since Harry already had dozen into a soft slumber in the armchair.

Tom waited just a few minutes, he was certain Harry was asleep, when he noticed the change of breathing at the boy. Slowly, he got up from his seat and got near Harry. His hand gently ran through Harry's hair, moving some of the black locks away from his face, before he let his fingers slip around the metal piece of Harry's glasses.

Gently, he took them off and sat them aside. His eyes lingered on Harry, his expression saddened just a tad.

"If you just knew… what my Harry had gone through…" He whispered. Tom sat himself back again in the armchair, looking at the dim fireplace and hearing the soft breathing from Harry.

His heart ached, Tom let a hand slip into his pocket of his pants, letting an old letter out from within it and unfold it.

He traced some of the handwritten on it, as he looked at the text.

A teardrop fell and hit the bottom of the letter.

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