A twist in Time.

A year after the war, Harry still feels unsettled about everything. There's a lot of people, who he wish he could have saved. He thought, that going back to start and save the first person, then he could change everything. However, he ends in the wrong time period and met the one and only person, who he had tried so hard to escape from. (Warning: Yaoi! MalexMale. Don't like, don't Read.)


1. A twist in time.

Hello to anyone who click on this Fanfic, properly also some of my readers too. ^^
I honestly just wanted to write something lately, which had to do with Harry Potter. And I know, I could update the other Stories I have, but at the moment, I'm having a writer block against those and my mind won't work with them.
So, settling that aside, I made this instead.

I apologize for Grammar mistakes and misspelling words. I do wanna inform new readers and old readers, that English isn't my first language, and I'm also Dyslexic.

Even so, I do the best I can ^^



Chapter 1. A twist in time

The night had been beautiful this evening, the stars was able to be seen, since the clouds were no place to be seen. The moon stood half full this evening, the sight of it reflected in the round old glasses.

A hand came up to adjust the cool metal, pushing the round glasses upon the nose.

The air started to get colder for him, the now 19 year old Harry Potter, glanced out upon Hogwarts grounds once more.

He noticed the changes the place had gotten, ever since the Battle at Hogwarts. Exactly 1 year ago, the battle finally had come to an end.

He was to feel relieved, he was to feel that no burden was upon his shoulders, right?

And yet, he felt terrible wrong about everything at the moment.

His eyes shone softly by the moonlight, which approached the place he sat, the Astronomy Tower, the same place that his most favorite and beloved Headmaster was killed, he thought he'd never be able to return up here again. The painful memory, of Albus Dumbledore falling from the tower, straight down to his death.

His feet dangled a bit out from the edge of the tower, arms resting over the lower part of a railing. He was tired, the young man had not been able to sleep the past few days.

Some might even ask why, but Harry himself, couldn't always answer that question.

He let his eyelids close softly, the sound of an owl, hooting in the distant calmed him. He heard a cracking door opened nearby, his eyelids opened, showing the night over Hogwarts again.

Footsteps approached toward him, they didn't sound heavy, so it couldn't be a man.

Harry felt a warming blanket around his shoulders, he turned his head a little, seeing the bushy brown hair, the hazel eyes looked into his emerald ones.

"It's cold out here, Harry…." Hermione said softly, she herself wore a big and warm sweater, even her Gryffindor Scarf around her neck.

Harry gently grabbed the blanket and tighten it around himself, his arms getting back to rest upon the railing. "Thanks…." He muttered kindly, his gaze returned to the landscapes at Hogwarts.

"You look thoughtful, Harry." Hermione stated, she mimicked Harry's position against the railing, even so, instead of looking at Hogwarts' landscapes, she had her head resting against her arms, looking at Harry instead.

"I am thinking a lot too, which I know, a lot of you would say, that I shouldn't be doing at all." Harry explained calmly.

"I do wanna ask, Harry." Hermione said, as she leaned back, letting her hands grab gently onto the railing. "Where are you in your thoughts? We won the war, we are free, the ministry are getting the rest of the Death Eaters, things couldn't go better for the wizardry community. So, what can be going on in that mind of yours?" She asked him kindly.


Harry was silence when she had asked, five minutes past, the silence grew a bit awkward, before Hermione realized, Harry might not wanted to answer her question.

"I'll let you be-"

"I'm thinking about thoughts, that I shouldn't have, Mione…" Harry answered her, as he looked down a little.

While Hermione had been close to get on her feet, she slowly sat down again, legs crossed underneath each other. "I'll listen if you want me to, but if you don't wanna talk about it, Harry. I'll just walk away." She promised him.

Again, the silence was between them, but Hermione stayed nonetheless at this point. She noticed that Harry, mentally would arguement with himself, rather or not if he should speak with her or not. Even so, she wouldn't move, before Harry would tell her, that he rather wanna be alone.

Harry soon exhaled softly, as he turned his gaze down upon his lap instead. "There are times, where I wish i could have done something different, mione…" He said to her, but he refused to look at her.

Harry knew, that he was insane to even think anything alike it. However, what surprised him, was what Hermione said.

"What did you wanna change, Harry?" Hermione asked. She seem to understand where he would hint to, but she had to be sure.

Harry kept his gaze down a little, before he finally looked back out at Hogwarts landscapes. "You still have it, don't you?"

"The…. Time Turner?" Hermione asked with a low voice, perhaps because she was afraid that someone would hear what they spoke about.

To show the confirm, Harry simply made one nod. It took a moment for Hermione to really think this through, before she slowly held her hand under her shirt and scarf, pulling out the Time Turner. She caressed the hour glass, as her hazel eyes looked at Harry.

For the first time, Harry really looked at Hermione, seeing she had taken the Time Turner out and hold it between her hands.

"I believe, that I should inform you, what I told you all those years back too. Messing with time, can lead to horrible disasters, Harry…." She told him.

"I know…." Harry whispered.

"Will you… be happy, if you changed what you wish?" She asked.

Silence came from the boy once more, before he looked out at Hogwarts lake, toward the headmasters grave.

"I am… certain…" he answered.

Hermione took one last look at the time turner, before she detached it from around her neck and placed it in Harry's hand.

"I wanna see you back here in five minutes…."She said softly, before she got up on her feet and slowly left, she couldn't watch Harry using it, because...being a Prefect… that still had to do with her.

Harry looked at the time turner in his hand, the hour glass made a little glint, by the light from the moon. He attached it around his neck, before both his hands hold onto it.

Harry closed his eyes, as he started to turn it.

A couple of turns, Harry felt the ground below him move.

He opened his eyes, when he felt nothing moved. He looked out at Hogwarts, seeing the grounds looked…. Different. It was still a bit night time there, but Harry felt a bit strange. He held the time turner under his shirt, where he walked down the stairs.

He was glad, that he had his Gryffindor Robes on, in case he needed to 'blend in' with the students.

Harry let his hand get in his inner pocket, it was a good thing he remember always to get his cloak on him.

He were close to get the cloak out, as he turned a corner in the hallway. He bumped straight into someone, which almost cursed Harry to fall back.

An arm wrapped around his waist, caught him just before he do hit the floor. The shock itself had been there for Harry, his heart almost skipped a bit, however, when he had looked at the person in front at him.

Dark hair, handsome face, and those Scarlet Red eyes, they could never be mistaken, when someone like Harry knew who it was.

"It's past Curfew and you shouldn't be out of bed."

Harry cleared his throat, the position they both were in, was kinda awkward for him. "I-I was going b-back again. I just n-needed a evening walk…."

A smirk curled upon the Slytherin student's face, as he pulled Harry properly to his feet. "Liar, that's the most poor excuse I have ever gotten." He let go at Harry's waist, only to grab onto his shoulder.

"Name, age and real house. Don't try to trick me, because I know switching robes to get other houses in trouble, won't do good." He said straight out.

Harry was amazed, just a tiny bit. Even so, he realized now, that there was one problem.

He had gone to far back in time.

"Well?" The Emerald and Scarlet Red eyes met once more, the looked linked between the two. "Harris Williams…. Gryffindor...age...16…" Harry thought he could had done better, but again, his thoughts didn't get further, as he suddenly got yanked forward, pulled into one of the empty classrooms nearby them. The door locked behind them, Harry felt he got pinned against a wall.

"Do not try to trick me…."

Harry cleared his throat, he felt very awkward in this situation. "I know when people lie, it's always been a good ability I have. Who are you?" The Slytherin asked again.

Harry stayed silent, but an idea came up instead. "D-Depends, who are asking?" Harry asked.

He wanted to be sure of his thoughts, he just hope the name wouldn't come up.

The slytherin just looked slightly disgusted, before he let go at Harry. "Tom Riddle…." He answered. "Now, Tell me who you are. I do not remember you ever being on this school."

Harry closed his eyes, he knew it, he had hoped it wasn't him, but it was Voldemort.

Or… Tom Riddle, Voldemort's younger self, before he do become to Lord Voldemort.

At this rate, Harry… properly could do something. "If I told you, You wouldn't believe me…" He finally answered, while he looked at Tom again.

It was strange, how even now, that their eyes would link to one and another. Tom did look interested, this mysterious boy appearing out of nowhere.

"Depends… come with me…" Tom grabbed onto Harry's front Robes, before he unlocked the classroom door and walked out.

This was just the war all over, wasn't it? Harry being dragged along Tom's plans….

Oh great.


So, yeah.
That's the first Chapter of this new story. I might change the title later, if I find something more suiting to it. ^^
I hope you as a reader, enjoyed this story so far! Until next Chapter ^^

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