The Last Battle

No one has done a Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction so I'm the first. It's the last battle between Jacob Portman and his enemy the hollows and wights.


9. Chapter 8

Everyone was gathered in the living room, Emma and I in the centre.
Emma cleared her throat to grab everyone’s attention. No one looked. She groaned.
“Everyone shut up!” I yelled for her. It worked. Everyone went quiet. “Thank you.”
“It has come to our attention that we have too many people coming with us to save Miss Swallow.” She started. “This makes it harder to go anywhere.” She pulled out a list. “Jacob and I have given this some thought and well…we chose some people to come with us. For anyone who isn’t on the list, I apologise.” She passed the list to me.
I started reading aloud. “Maven.” The prince stepped forward proudly. “Addison.” Almost excitedly the old dog stepped forward. “Lachlan.”
“I saw that coming.” Said the boy as he stepped forward.
“Kaleb.” He hesitatingly stepped forward. “Julia.” The look on her face was not one of excitement, but of fear as she stepped forward. “Millard.” Nothing happened so assume he stepped forward. “Bronwyn.” She looked around and stepped forward. “And…” the tension built in the room. “Lucas.”
“How come you’re bringing him?” Whined Enoch.
“I wanna come.”
“Can you change your mind?”
“Please let me come.”
All of the children complained except Hugh and George. I know we’ll regret not taking them.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around to see who it is. It was Bronwyn.
“I’m not coming,” she said. “I’m staying behind to protect the young ones. I don’t really trust them with whoever is left here.”
I looked at Emma, as I often do. “That’s more than fine Bronwyn.”
Bronwyn smiled pleased she hadn’t been forced to go.
“We leave tomorrow.” Emma announced.
Enoch approached us. “Since Bronwyn dropped out…”
Emma shook her head. “No we won’t take anyone else.”
“But why?” he whined.
“Miss Bloom is absolutely right.” Miss Peregrine said entering the room. “I will only allow the people who are chosen to have an option to stay or go. No one else.”
Enoch rolled his eyes. “Fine.”
Miss Peregrine laid down some rules for supplies and extras. We weren’t allowed to bring more than two pairs of clothes and a toy or whatever. The rest of supplies would be bought along the way.
After I’d finished packing, I flopped down on the bed I was given. Emma was still doing last minute checks. “Hey Em.” I asked her. “Can I take the bandage off?”
“Er…I don’t know. You could try.” She replied.
Slipping out of my shirt I tried to get the bandage off. After 10 minutes of struggling she finally took pity. “Would you like some help?” She said chuckling.
“Yes please.”
She unwound the bandage and every layer taken away the darker the blood stain was. “It’s not lookin’ likely that you can keep this off, Jacob.” She took off the remains of the bandage.
I looked in the mirror. From my shoulder to my waist I had a line of deep holes, probably from teeth, in a half moon shape.
Emma sighed. “It looks worse today.”
“It sure feels like it.” I chuckled. 
She slapped my arm. “This is not the time to be making jokes.” She said smiling.
I tried to put on my most serious face. “Okay, okay.”
During the few moments of silence I thought of all the things Emma and I had been through. All of the life or death situations we came through while saving Miss P and of course, when we first met.
A smile came to my lips.
“Jacob…what is it?” she said slightly worried.
I slowly crept toward her. “Do you know what my favourite memory of us is?”
She backed up against the wall. “No…I wouldn’t have a clue…”
I pressed my finger to her neck. “Prove it, or I’ll water the grass with your blood.”
She pushed my hand off. “Now I know how you felt.” She said laughing.

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