The Last Battle

No one has done a Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction so I'm the first. It's the last battle between Jacob Portman and his enemy the hollows and wights.


5. Chapter 4

I had gathered everyone in the middle of the deck with everything they have. Miss Peregrine stood in front of us, her face grim.
"Children. We've decided to pick up a few people along our journey."
A chorus of gasps echoed the boat. Who could they be?
“I’m sure you all know Addison.” Everyone nodded in reply.
“Look we’re here!” Hugh yelled and pointed as the boat arrived in the docks.
“This, my children, is a dock nearby to where the gypsies-” before she could finish she was cut off by Millard.
“Wait- You mean to tell us-” he was in complete shock. Although I didn’t understand why. “We’re going- But I thought-”
“Will you just spit it out?!” Enoch shouted at the top of his lungs.
Everyone turned to look at him and he blushed, embarrassed. Ever since everything happened he had developed a soft spot for all of us and believe it or not he has feelings!
Instantly Horace reacted coming to his aid.
“There, there.” Horace chimed. “No need to get so fired up grumplepuss.” He rubbed Enoch on the back lovingly until he noticed everyone’s eyes on him and then he jumped back and blushed.
Emma rolled her eyes. “Great. Now we have two blushing goons.” She shot me a glance and Julia waved at me.
I waved back feeling heat creep up in my face. Oh shit.
Miss Peregrine stomped her foot grabbing our attention. “Enough, children. Please exit the boat carefully and head to the menagerie. I will meet you there shortly. I have to attend some…business.” And with that she turned into her bird form and flew away.
We all jumped off the boat.

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