The Last Battle

No one has done a Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction so I'm the first. It's the last battle between Jacob Portman and his enemy the hollows and wights.


3. Chapter 2

The minute I entered the dining room came buzzing to life weather it was Hugh’s bees or not it was buzzing.
Miss Peregrine stood up jolting the table forward, “Children silence! You may notice Mr. Portman is awake but please don’t ask him any questions, just not yet at least. Please Mr. Portman, sit down, you look positively starving.”
I went to sit down in what looked like an empty seat and felt a something slap me on the back. “Excuse me!” Cried Millard.
“I’m sorry Millard, but you should make yourself visible.” I said
“Are you proposing I turn my power off?” he said rising up out of his seat, or at least I imagined he did. “‘Cause if you are I can’t and I suggest you don’t get all high and mighty with me mister.”
“Boys! Stop it this instance!” Miss Peregrine made him give up and leave, sending him out to put on clothes.
“How many times must I tell you,” she called after him, “polite persons do not take their supper in the nude!”
So I sat down at the table–the same peculiar faces as the night of my arrival–where kids with kitchen duty appeared in front of us, bearing trays and trays of food on silver plates. We all proceeded to stuff ourselves silly. Eating everything in sight–that is edible I mean–from chicken to goose to chocolate puddings. Then Millard came back now in tweed pants and a shirt.
“Hey! You started without me!” he exclaimed. Then as if planed a loud, angry bang of a thunder storm erupted outside.
A big knock came at the door. “That’s funny? We don’t usually get visitors at this time.” Said Claire. The knock came again, more insistent this time.
“Would you go get that Millard?!” Cried Enoch
“Sure thing boss.” Millard said sarcastically and then he got up and opened the front door.
A small girl entered frantically. “Miss Peregrine, you need to get far away from here! There coming!” Silence filled the room.
“Julia?” Emma said to break the silence.
“Emma?” the small girl replied, and then they were both staring at each other.
“How did you know where to find me?”
“Peculiars know where each other are.” She said smiling.
“What do you mean peculiars?”
Julia put her palm face up and a snow flake appeared.
“Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle,” Said Millard “she’s peculiar.”
“And she’s the opposite to Emma’s peculiarity.” Said Olive as excited as ever.
“Fascinating.” Millard muttered. “Are you sure you’re both from the same parents?”
“Quite certain.” Said Emma. The girl nodded as well.
“Utterly fascinating.”
We all stared in awe. A girl who had been described to us so briefly, was right here in front of us.
“Pleasure to meet you Miss Bloom,” Said Miss Peregrine “but what you said before would you like to come talk about it?”
“Yes, I would. But do you mind if Emma comes too?” Julia replied
“Of course. Miss Bloom, Mister Portman! Do you mind stepping into my office for a moment?” and then we all went into Miss Peregrine’s office.
“So continue Miss Bloom. Who is coming?”
“The shadows that bite!” Julia said a bit too loudly. She then covered her mouth and blushed “sorry” she whispered.
“That’s alright Miss Bloom but please be quiet I expect the children would be right outside the door.”
“Yes Miss.”
“Shadows that bite? What’s that supposed to mean?” I said
“I expect Mister Portman that she means the hollowgasts. And they mean that we aren’t safe here.” She said turning to Julia. “Miss Bloom where and when is your loop?”
“London, Miss, July 19 1904.”
“And who is your ymbryne?”
“Miss Swallow.”
“Oh my! Dear Miss Swallow. She was a friend of mine at the academy. We must go at once!”
“Julia,” Emma started “is there any survivors?”
“Oh yes Emma, many of my friends escaped the grasp of the wights.”
Then Miss Peregrine opened her office door to find the children sitting round a gas lamp listening to our conversation.
“Oh children! You’re eavesdropping again.” She exclaimed “oh well, it seems you know are plan to save Miss Swallow and her wards. We will start packing at once, only bring essentials and pack light.”
“Yes headmistress!” they all said together in excitement.
We were all frantically packing. Clothes, the maps and the tales – ever since Millard found out they hold secrets we always brought them with us – the spare blankets and each of the children’s most treasured belongings.
What to pack, I thought, wait I don’t have many belongings here but the clothes I’m wearing.
“Jacob? Are you ok?” Olive said. I just realised that I was staring at her.
“Yes fine thanks.”
“Olive be a dear and go get all the medicines and tonics. We’ll need them all for the trip ahead.” Miss Peregrine called.
“Yes headmistress!” she called back.
“Children when you are done packing meet me on the beach that is where our journey will begin.” Miss Peregrine called readying her belongings and heading out the door.

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