The Last Battle

No one has done a Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction so I'm the first. It's the last battle between Jacob Portman and his enemy the hollows and wights.


2. Chapter 1

I lay there on the ground–heart pumping, unable to get up–my gut twisting up into that Feeling.
“Are you alright?” a familiar voice said, but from where I was laying I could see nothing in the smoke.
“Who are you?” I replied
“It’s me Emma. Are you able to move?”
I leaned straight up to see that there was no smoke, no hollows and no Emma. I was only in my bed but in the peculiar house. It was over, but how did I get here? There was a knock and then came a voice.
“You ok mate?” the stranger slowly opening the door, it was Enoch.
“Fine thanks.” which sounded more like a question then an answer.
“Good you’re up. I’ll go get Emma.”
And then he walked off. For those few minutes I thought, how could I be in an empty room? There are none spare in the house. Then it clicked, the bed, the dresser, this was Victor’s room. I almost jumped out of the bed when Emma opened the door.
“Jacob?” then she came running at the bed. “You’re alive! You scared me half to death.” Her sweet voice going through my ears. “Well say somethin’”
“I was… dead?” I said
“No silly,” she said punching my arm “but you acted like it.”
“What happened?” I said shaking.
“Come down to dinner and I’ll explain everything. I’ll run a bath and get you some clothes, stay here.”
“Ok.” I weakly replied. Why I was so weak I had no understanding and why I scared her half to death I don’t know either.
Then Emma came back. “Ok your bath is ready, meet me down at dinner in half an hour. Promise me you won’t freak out.”
“Freak out from what?”
“Don’t worry.” And then she ran off like she had just been called down to open presents for Christmas.
I gathered all my strength–or what I had left of it–and limped over to the tub. I lifted off my shirt to reveal a large bandage travelling from my shoulder wrapping around my body to my hip. What was it for? But I kept it on any way.
 After I had gone all wrinkly and turned the bath water red with the blood that had leaked through the bandage, I grabbed the tweed-pants and shirt hanging on the doorknob. Now I have grown to like them. It felt like I was in the 40’s, oh wait I was.
 I limped out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the dining room where I was greeted by everyone. Looking around the table I saw Emma, Enoch, Horace, Claire, Olive, the twins–as freakish as ever–, Bronwyn, Hugh and Miss Peregrine whom I’m surprised is back to her old self. Along with the obvious whole Fiona left, there was no Millard.
 Olive who–was surprised I came down–ran up to me saying “Jake’s up, Jake’s up!” and squeezing me till I begged her to stop.
“Olive don’t kill him now that he’s recovered!” Enoch snapped at Olive making her burst into tears.
“Bu-but I’m ju-ju-just so happy to-to see that he’s a-a-alive.”
Olive cried and cried until Claire launched out of her chair towards Enoch and yelled “Stay away from her you ugly bastard!” tackling him to the ground. Just when she was going to bite him with her back mouth I pulled them apart.
“Stop it! I know you’re all happy to see me but can someone explain to me why I have this bandage on and why everyone keeps saying ‘I’m happy you’re alive’?” I instantly regretted the words as they left my mouth. So I panicked and ran out of the room and outside, past the wood, through the bog and to the cairn.
 I sat there–in the cairn–for a long time hoping someone would come looking for me and just as I thought someone did. It was Emma. Her soft light filling the cairn.
“Jake are you there?” her sweet voice echoing through the tunnel, I didn’t want it to stop. So I tossed a rock on the ground. The drop was enough for her to know I was here. “There you are. We’ve been looking for you everywhere.”
 “We?” I said with a dopey look on my face as if to say, What? Your imaginary friends.
“Yes, Millard and me.”
Of course it was Millard the only one I couldn’t see. “Why do you need me anyway?”
 “Don’t you wanna know about the bandage?” said Millard
“Yeah don’t cha?” Peeped Olive from around the corner.
“Olive get back inside, you too Millard. We need some alone time.”
Then we heard Millard’s footsteps crunching the gavel as he herded Olive back inside leaving us alone.
 Then Emma leaned in so I could feel her fire’s warmth “You fought bravely you know.”
Fought? How could I have fought anything? I’m as weak as a leaf on a tree. “Thanks?” came my mumbled reply.
“You don’t remember do you?” I shook my head. “Well it was a battle against the hollows you got so crazy about it we couldn’t stop you. Until one night you set off without us, I tried to catch up with you when I saw you sneak out but you were gone. So I kept walking, then I heard you scream and came running. You had been picked up by a hollow, the teeth digging into your skin which explains the bandage. You had one last bit of hope so you stabbed it in the eyes with your lucky shears–the ones you killed your first hollow with–the hollow then threw you up into the air and when you came crashing down you got knocked out. You frightened me Jacob. I thought for the worst, I thought it killed you.”
“I killed a hollow on my own?” I was frazzled, how could I do such a thing on my own?
“Yes silly!” she said while punching me in the arm. “You did, and it was the bravest thing I have ever know a man to do.”
“Thank you for saving me Emma, I’d wonder what would happen if you didn’t follow me.”
“You’d probably be dead!” she yelled with tears welling up in her eyes “Now stop making me think for the worst.”
“I’m sorry I frightened you but I better be getting off–”
“No please don’t leave, I didn’t mean to drive you off but your right we should get back it’s dinner hour.”
Then we were off, running as fast as we can – or as best as we could, limping – to the house.
“Can we stop for a sec this limping is killing me!” but she was gone. She had run down the path without me, my best chance to catch her was by walking. So I limped a few meters following a soft glowing light–one which was made by Emma–she was down the path, out of breath, waiting for me.
“Hey, where’d ya go?”
“I stopped, limping is killing me, along with the pain that’s causing me to limp.”
“Sorry, I’ll slow down. It’s just that… everyone… is so excited… to see you.” She was tired. Anyone could tell, her breaths alone could show her exhaustion.
I stood at the foot of the house it was perfectly normal. How could I not notice this before? It had been bombed only to be put back together again. Did Miss Peregrine’s loop repair itself?
“Emma? Did the loop repair itself?”
“No, we repaired the house silly!” she said punching me, for the third time this evening.
“Then what date is it now?”
“It’s September 20th, 1940.”
“And how long exactly was I unconscious for?”
“1 week today, and I’d most appreciate it if you’d stay off the subject.”
“Sorry I just want to know what happened.”
“We’ve got to get inside or the Bird will suspect us.”
“Suspect us of what?”
She smiled coyly. “Of something…”
“She’s always on the lookout for something,” she said, laughing
A few weeks later and I’m unable to understand her. “What’s so bad about something?”
“Nothing.” And then she entered the house. I had no choice but to follow her, so in I went after her.

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