ONE AND ONLY Love; Changing A Person In And Out

This is a real story with real feelings. It walks you through my personal views, the beginning , climax and tragic end of my one true love.


2. The Summer before last.

It was mid summer 2015. A rough one, but then again all summers are rough when it comes to my family. Everything is rough when it comes to my family. That's why every year I loved getting away from all of the drama. Each year I flew and stayed at my nanas house for the whole summer. She lived in a small village in the very north-east of Poland, maybe about 100 km away from the border to Lithuania. And yes she was family too, but a completely different kind of family. She was my rock. She always supported me and cared for me like no one else in this world. Don't get me wrong, we did also fight, and quite often too; as we both had the exact same short temper and years of anger stored inside us, but we always made up. Like no one else. And even if it got bad sometimes, I would rather deal with 1 billion nanas giving out to me for not eating enough; then my sister, Sandra. But I wouldn't really call her my sister. I like to refer to her as the 'monster'. Trust me, that name fits her much better. And that's why every summer I had stayed in Poland, I dreaded the end of my stay... I dreaded the last two weeks in particular, the two weeks where the rest of my family joins me and my grandmother at the house. Now that's when the real fighting starts. Try imagining the worst argument you ever engaged in, with anyone. Now magnify that by like a million. And there you have it. My "family" vacation. 
That night was a particularly bad one. And as always everything was on me... So I decided to grab my toothbrush, some clothes to change in and begged my dad to drive me to the next town; where my step grandmother lived. Yes, my step-fathers mother. But I never dared to call him that... especially not since he has softened. No more throwing chairs across the hallway. The two of us actually get on well most of the time. I love my dad. And to me, he was the only one I ever had. 
On our way to her house I rang asking her if I could stay, but I knew she would say yes. Especially that she heard me half crying over the phone. She loved when I complained about my nana, and she knew that that's exactly what I will be doing when I get there. The two of them despise each other and even though I never really got an explanation for why that is, I kind of assumed it was my nana being jealous over my step grandmother. She loves being the centre of attention. I guess its because there is no one else to give it to her except us, so when she sees someone else in that radar, she hurts. When I got there I broke into tears at the door, she asked me what was wrong but I just gestured that I need a minute to calm down and headed for my uncles bedroom. He has an extra bed where I usually crash at whenever I stay over, which isn't very often as my nana bans me from comming there at all and gets mad even when I mention it. I practically haven't seen my uncle, Cam, all of that summer, which I felt really bad about as he was only a little older than me, and we always hung out. I loved sleeping over there when he was around, we would always play video games, watch cartoons and late night snack. My nanas house often got boring so I always saw hanging out with him as a highlight. 
I slid the door to his room open and abruptly entered thinking that he wouldn't hear me anyway as he is usually playing video games at this time but I was taken by a surprise. As I stepped further into the dark room only; lit by the light coming from his computer, I was met by not one but two figures; one sitting at the chair, hitting at the keyboard and the other resting his arms on the top of the chair, leaning in to see what is playing on the screen. I knew it was a he; straight away. It was a very broad shouldered, tall figure with short cut hair, it could hardly be Cams girlfriend, so then who was 'he'? With my makeup run down my face from the tears I had spilt seconds ago, I awkwardly greeted my uncle and then awkward-erly greeted his friend. "Hi, I'm Victoria.", I said as I shook his hand, "Charles". He had a deep voice. Quite manly. Needles to say his beautiful Polish accent completely swooned me. He held his gaze on me for a little longer and then turned back to the screen; smiling. He had a beautiful smile. Like a charming, good boy. I can remember it as though it all happened yesterday. 
The three of us, spent a good few hours talking with my grandma. She is pretty cool I must admit. You can have a good laugh with her and she is insanely good at taking to teens. The three of us sat around the kitchen table (Cam, Charles and me) and my granny preferably, took a low stool, she usually used for sitting down, as she peeled vegetables; and sat in front of the window, right beside me; but turned around so she was facing everyone instead. I, still a little shy, tried to interact as little as I possibly could, and my uncle, unfortunately noticing that, started talking to me. "You know Victoria, I must admit, you've really gotten more prettier since last year", he said to me in his never changing 'all knowing' tone. "So are you suggesting I was ugly before?", I said raising an eyebrow in a comical way, "No. I never said that. I just said you got prettier. You were pretty before, but now, now you're really something.", sounding more honest then I would have preferred, now I had to make a choice. Do I accept the compliment? I mean, I have changed. I definitely lost some weight... I finally mastered my winged eyeliner and can surely dress myself better than last year, but does that make me prettier? Well yes. But since I grew up in Ireland, the country of never accepting even reminiscence of compliments, it was second nature for me to twist my face in an awkward half-grin half 'really? no.' face and respond with a sarcastic "Oh yeah. I'm so pretty, I'm just fucking gorgeous.", to which I expected little to no response as everybody knew compliments was the most awkward thing for me to bare, but quite surprisingly Charles spoke up next to me, "Yeah well I couldn't disagree with that.", he says as he flashes another one of his beautiful charming smiles at me. Now at this stage I was at the height of my awkwardness, I , assuming he was this older guy, that's friends with Cam, and all, and would never even think of me as more than just a little girl, just smiled back at him and figured he was just trying to be nice.

As the night passed, the three of us returned to my uncles room. We listened to music, made jokes and snacked on some food. At one of the rare moments I spoke and held a conversation with Charles, we realised that we had actually met before, and not only did we meet, but we had been friends since the sandbox. I had remembered playing with a boy named Karl and his sister Caroline; who's grandparents were next door neighbours to  my grandmother in the village. It was when Charles said his full name that I had got it, I had recognised it. "Charles Syner?!" I had shouted in awe of this rekindling, "Oh my god, I know you!" I shouted again and I clapped my hands like a retard at which he laughed. For the rest of the night, every now and then I would catch Charles staring at me and smiling, but I just ignored it, obviously. Not because I wasn't interested, but because I wouldn't even dare to think he would ever be. I didn't want to get my hopes up for nothing. Despite that, after he had left that night, I couldn't stop thinking about him, and I hid it from everyone and anyone.. I felt so embarrassed and childish for liking him... as if there was ever a chance of him feeling the same way.. 

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