World History for Dummies (Hetalia Fanfictions)

Collection of my Hetalia x Reader one-shots and short stories(multiple part).
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1. Nothing makes sense in an insane world (France x Hungary)

The music was blaring loudly at the club but it seemingly doesn't affected the three men dancing in the middle of the floor. The stroboscopic lights from the differently angled lamps added an almost other worldly glow to them. "I'm going to get a drink," the blond one shouted over the music. He left the other two and sat down at the bar. He was sipping on his wine, deep in thoughts about how did he actually ended up in this situation but a smile still crept onto his face. He looked back at the two men, now dancing with some lightly dressed girls and from the corner of his eyes he saw one walk up to him. On a different occasion he'd smile at her and offer to buy a drink but the flirting days were over for the blond, the day after tomorrow was his wedding day and tonight was his bachelor party. He stood up, avoiding the approaching person. Without saying anything he walked out of the place and back to the nearby apartment he shared with his soon-to-be wife. But now it was empty due to the fact that she was spending the last days at her friend because she believed it was misfortune for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.
Eliza was alone in her friend's, Alice's apartment as she went out to see some of the wedding preparations. Lost in her own world Eliza was standing in front of a wardrobe, a beautiful white gown hanging on the door. It was the work of Flavio, who didn't want to hear a word about not him making the wedding dress. She smiled at the memory, it was actually a nice thing. The ringing of the bell dragged her out of the brooding and she went to open the door. She was surprised to find Gilbert there, he and Antonio was supposed to stay with Francis for the day. With the sloppy kiss he gave on Eliza's cheek, she realised he was (still) drunken. "Hello. What can I do for you?" she asked and let him in a bit reluctantly. "I just vanted to zee my best friend before sche gets boring in marriage," he said with a slurred voice. "Okay. And I guess yesterday was fun," she commented. Her bachelorette party was the last week but it was just a girly gossip night. "It vas a lot of fun. Ve efen hired a stripper resembling Jeanne. Francis really liked it," Gil said with a strange grin and hooked an arm around Eliza's shoulders. "It's not late to choose me," he mumbled and tried to kiss her neck only to get landed a slap on his face. "Gilbert, you are drunk. I don't believe you and even if I would I love him. It was a bachelor party, he was supposed to feel good," she snapped at him and steered him back to the entrance door. "Go home and get sober for tomorrow," Eliza said almost growling and pushed him out to the corridor.
She slumped down on the couch, her face between her hands. "Why can't he give up?" she muttered to herself. Gilbert hasn't really shown interest in her before she started dating Francis but since they were engaged it just got worse. Shaking the thought of Gilbert out of her mind she went to look for her phone. Eliza was sure it was only something made up by him and that Francis wouldn't cheat on her now- if he'd wanted to he would've already. She dialled his number hoping that he was already awake and she wouldn't wake him. "Good morning, ma chérie," he said with a trace of sleepiness in his voice. "Good morning, Francis. I haven't woken you, have I?" Eliza asked quickly. "Non, you 'aven't. But is somedzing wrong? You sound frustrated," he replied worriedly. "Not exactly. Gilbert visited a bit ago and he was pretty wasted," she said biting her lip nervously. "And I'm sorry to bring it up and I know that it's not true but he said that they hired a stripper looking like Jeanne," she added quickly, the last part not more than a mumble. Eliza heard a sad chuckle from the other end of the line. "Non, nothing of dzat sort 'appened. 'onestly, I left pretty early," Francis replied with a similarly saddened tone. "Oh. And I'm really sorry for mentioning it," she apologised, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. "It's okay, Eliza. But I miss you," he sighed and closed his eyes for a long moment. "I miss you, too. But it's just one day more," she giggled softly. "I know. Take care, ma chérie." "You too, Francis," Eliza said before hanging up. She hasn't doubted him, she only called him for reassurance so she could hear his voice.
Francis put down the phone and went to have a breakfast. He was surprised by her call, was she really doubting his loyalty. He shook his head, a sad smile curling his lips. Jeanne, she was the first he'd been willing to marry. But she refused and that was still a hurtful stab for him. Even if he understood her reason and most of his sadness was towards the fact that she had to die so young. But he promised to himself that no matter what he will love Eliza with his whole heart and do everything to make her happy. Just like she did when they actually started talking.


It was another depressing day at the asylum. Another attempted escape and she just snapped. Francis couldn’t blame her, she always worked to the max, trying to peace everyone with oneself. And later, when she finished getting told off by her boss, she took him to a garden, not used or visited for a few years. It was wild and jungle-like, it was filled with flowers, and upon all, with roses. First it was his safe place but ever since then she visited sometimes.

And there was one afternoon when Eliza was more upset than usual. And he went to comfort her and given her a flower crown. And she told him her problems. Eliza felt relieved that there was someone who listened to her in this crazy place. And thing happened after thing. Francis always told her to relax and she surprisingly did. Months passed and they were still no more than friends. But telling each other everything turned the secret encounters into dates rather than hanging out with a friend.

It was a summer day, almost perfectly the middle of the season. They were outside in the garden, talking and laughing. Eliza was laughing so hard that she was leaning forward too much and fell onto Francis. For a second there was quiet before both started laughing again. But by the time they calmed down they were still in the same position, the only exception was Francis’ hand brushing gently her hair and back on which it was spread out. „Francis?” she assked with a sudden shyness and slightly pink cheeks. „Yes, ma chéri?” he asked back gently. She blushed even more and bent her head down, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. Francis chukled at her reaction before he returned the light pressure of her lips.

~end of flashback~

Eliza was nervously shuffling her feet. She wanted to do it but still, she was scared. "You love him, da?" Ivan asked placing a hand on her shoulder.  "Yes, I do but~" she said with a small smile. "Then there's nothing to worry about, Sunflower," he replied with the childish smile he has. Eliza nodded with a smile, Ivan was right. All the people were inside, only she wasn't. Her maid of honour was Alice and Minty was the bridesmaid, the cutest one ever. Francis chose Matthew as his best man and not Arthur for the simple fact that he was asked to conduct the wedding what his rank as captain granted him. Eliza gulped one last before hooking her left arm with Ivan's right who led her down the aisle. The moment the doors opened Roderich started playing the song A little fall of rain and all heads turned towards them in awe. Well, Flavio did a good job both with her outfit and hair, which was styled into light curls with a white rose crown sitting atop of her head. Once at the altar Ivan gently laid Eliza's hand onto Francis' and sat down before Arthur started speaking.

"Francis Bonnefoy, will you take Elizabeta to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honour and protect her, and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?" Arthur asked. "Oui," he replied without hesitation. Then he turned to Eliza. "Elizabeta Héderváry, will you take Francis to be your husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honour and protect him, and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?" he asked once again. "Igen," she replied with a smile. At that point Lukas walked up to them, holding a small pillow with two golden rings upon it. Eliza smiled at the little boy before turning face to face with Francis. "I promise to show dze same level of interest towards you I shown up until now. I promise to care for you and cherish you the same every day, if not more with each new day. I promise to keep you safe and out of all harm, whedzer it be physical or emotional. I promise to be by your side and 'elp widz anydzing to my best ability. I promise to treat you as my queen you truly are. I love you and I pledge my life and 'onour to you for dzis day and all the days to come," he said and slipped one of the rings on her finger. "I promise to fulfill my duty as your wife to the fullest. I promise to give you the same amount of attention as to our children. I promise to help you ease the tension of your work. I promise to look up to you as the Prince Charming I always longed for and found in you. I promise to love and cherish you till death do us apart," Eliza said and picked up the other ring to slip onto his finger. "In the presence of God, and before this congregation, Francis and Elizabeta have given their consent and made their marriage vows to each other. They have declared their marriage by the joining of hands and by the giving and receiving of rings. I therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife," Arthur said once you were facing him again. "You may kiss the bride."

Francis leaned down kissing her gently yet with a burning passion. The two of them linked arms and started to walk out with the crowd saying congratulations around them. Before they stepped out of the church Eliza stopped him and still with her back against the others she throw her bouquet and the one to catch it was...

[ it started off as a crackfic but my hand slipped a bit ]

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