Wizards Reacting To Muggle Things

How would wizards react to a pen? How about the macarena or electric slide? Or lighters? Comment what thing you want and who to react, I swear to god this is gonna be fun!


5. What exactly Is The Function of A Rubber Duck

        It was Christmas Eve, and the Weasley's were gathered around the Christmas tree. It had been the first Christmas since the Battle of Hogwarts. Everyone was sporting a knitted sweater, Mrs. Weasley had been up all night for the past week to get them all done. Everything was finally calm, everyone was happy for the first time in months.

        "And this one is for you Mr. Weasley." Harry grinned, handing a small box wrapped in blue wrapping paper to the man. He excitedly began tearing through the paper, Harry had gotten him several gifts throughout the years, a pen, a lighter, a laptop, and he was fascinated with each and every one of them.

        "Is it truly what I think it is Harry!" Mr. Weasley spoke quickly and excitedly.

        "A rubber duck? Yes it is!" Harry beamed, seeing how much the man loved the gift. Mr. Weasley examined it very closely, giving it a slight squeeze and jumping when it let out a squeak. 

        "Oh wow I absolutely adore it! Now tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?" 

        "I mean, it's usually used to keep children in the bathtub. To entertain them." Harry explained, the man could not take his eyes off the small yellow toy.

        Arthur gave it several more squeezes, his delight growing with each squeak He then cradled it in his hands, as he sat quietly while everyone opened their gifts.


I know it's short, I think it's a lot better written this time though. Don't forget to leave ideas!

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