Wizards Reacting To Muggle Things

How would wizards react to a pen? How about the macarena or electric slide? Or lighters? Comment what thing you want and who to react, I swear to god this is gonna be fun!


2. Dennis Creevy brings a pen

  "Today class we are going to begin our essays on the theory of Potions." Snape said in his monotone voice, everyone took out a roll of parchement, a quill, and an inkwell. Dennis Creevy's parents however, did not want to buy that, they didn't see the point in scouring every Target, Office Max, and Staple's for ancient inkwells. So Collin and him had received packs of college ruled paper and pens. Dennis pulled out two sheets and a pen, clicked it twice for good luck, then once more so I could actually write.

    "What is that incessant clicking noise!" Snape bellowed

   "Uhm, my pen sir," He replied nervously

     "What is a bloody pen?"

      "It's, it's like a muggle quill, but you don't need to refill it." He explained, Snape rolled his eyes.

    "All students must bring quills and ink, not PENS, whatever they may be. Thirty points from Gryffindor!" That wasn't fair at all! Dennis didn't say anything, Snape might take more points away. When it was finally time for lunch he rushed down to the Great Hall to tell his other friends about what Snape had done.

     "Yeah, he took points away because I was using a pen." he showed the purebloods who hadn't used pens before and they ooed and awwed over it.

       "My my now what is this?" Professor Dumbledore stood behind him, shocked he held it out to him.

       "It's a pen, like a quill but you don't need to dip it, muggles use it." He nervously explained.

       "Why muggles are so brilliant, how they survive without magic." He hit the end of it. "OOH it clicks! Mr. Creevy can I keep this?" He asked

        He laughed. "Of course!" Dumbledore smiled and then pranced over to the Head table to show the other teachers.


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