Wizards Reacting To Muggle Things

How would wizards react to a pen? How about the macarena or electric slide? Or lighters? Comment what thing you want and who to react, I swear to god this is gonna be fun!


3. A telly-what now

    "Sorry I'm late my lord, I was confiscating this muggle thing from a student." Snape explained as he took a seat at the long table. He held up a small box-like contraption.

     "I bet it was that stupid Granger!" Draco said with disgust.

     "No, it was a third year Hufflepuff Mr. Malfoy" Snape replied angrily, putting the thin rectangular box on the table. "I think they call it like the me-phone, you-phone, OH IPHONE! THEY CALL IT AN IPHONE!" He seemed proud of himself for remembering the name. "It's a telephone, you can communicate with people long distance."

     "Wouldn't owling be quicker?" Bellatrix asked with a curious look on her face 

      "No, this is instant, no waiting for the owl, it just goes!" Everyone's jaw dropped. They had never seen anything like this.

       "Let me see that!" Voldemort yelled grabbing the phone, "Ooh what is this?" Voldemort clicked on an app labelled "Candy Crush"

       "It's so colorful my lord!" Bellatrix exclaimed 

       "Ooh lookey here Bella, I can make words appear by swiping the little candies!" Everyone was watching their fearless leader as he played a muggle game.

      "What'd you say this was called again Severus?" Bellatrix asked

       "A telephone." He replied, obviously this was a bad idea bringing the phone with him

        "A telly-what? Can I keep it Severus pretty please??" Voldemort pleaded

      "Of course my lord, but please stop acting like adolescents and lets begin!" Snape exclaimed, Voldemort's face looked like he was a child who had his toys taken away!

         "Severus! I want to play with the phone!" He whined

           "You can later my lord, remember we need to plan how to get the boy!" 

          "Fine!" Voldemort threw the phone down, crossed his arms over his chest, and participated in the meeting!
Hey guys! I had so much fun writing this! I hope you enjoyed it too! Make sure to comment any ideas you have and I'll write them!

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