The Federalist Papers (Hamilton Fanfictions)

Collection of my Hamilton x Reader one-shots and short stories(multiple part).
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4. A series of scandals /part three/

♪This is short and not my best but I really needed this part so I can move on with the series. Please excuse me.



Two years passed since [name] walked into their lives. It hasn't changed too much, except they had one more person who was worried for them and vice versa. However lately [name] found herself spending more and more time in the company of Alexander. It meant an intellectual partnership for her, not to say Lafayette wasn't smart but it was different with Alexander. He wouldn't make a move on her randomly and thus ending the conversation. She loved Lafayette with all her heart but she found it hard to think of Alexander as a simple friend anymore. Slowly and unnoticed the friendship transformed into something deeper. Not because she was unhappy with her current relationship but it was inevitable given the similar personalities.


[Name] walked into the small town's library not surprised to find Alexander there. He was hunching over no doubt an essay, hands already covered in ink.

"You know, ink seeping into your body is unhealthy," she commented as she sat down across the table with a book.

"I know but I have to finish this quick," Alexander retorted and turned his gaze back to the paper. She clicked her tongue in mild annoyance at the answer before indulging herself in the novel. Glancing at him time by time she couldn't help but admire him, both looks and personality. Finally coming to a decision, she put down the book.

"Alexander, we need to talk," [Name] said fortunately catching his attention.

"I can't. The post leaves at six, I have to finish this," he replied pointing at the half-written paper.

"Fine. Six thirty at the old willow tree by the ruined well. Be sharp," she stated with a slightly discontent tone. Picking up her book she let Alexander work by himself. She walked over to another table to suppress the urge of talking to him and thus hindering from whatever he was writing. After a couple of minutes, she realised she's not able to concentrate on the book so in the company of a sigh she left for what she called home.


It was quarter to seven already and Alexander was nowhere to be seen. [Name] clutched the fabric of her dress, trying to stay collected instead of running off crying. A few moments later she heard footsteps nearing in a hurry.

"You're late. A lot," she said instead of a proper greeting.

"I'm sorry?" Alexander replied rather as a question. She shook her head with a faint smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"Did you catch the post?" She knew it meant much to him to finish and send it to whoever he wrote it for.

"Yes, I did. You said you want to talk." [Name] scoffed a little, never a break, never a moment of peace with him.

"And I want to. Come with me on a walk." She hooked her arm with his, pulling him onto the narrow path leading through the forest. For a couple of minutes, they walked in silence, then [name] started to speak finally.

"You're an intelligent man and I need some advice." Alexander smiled at the not even masked compliment.

"How big the trouble is?" He was practical just as much as intellectual and [name] loved this in him too.

"Not big until the end of the war." He turned to the woman surprised, wondering what kind of mess she got into this time that she needs the war to be out of it. "Alexander, you know that I love Lafayette. But he has to return to his wife in France. And I need to marry soon. " He looked at her, already suspecting what she was trying to tell.

"And what can I do with this situation?" [Name]'s hold on his arm tightened a bit.

"Well, my sweet Alexander," she started, not unusual from her to be a bit flirtier in her speech than what would be appropriate. "You are unmarried. And I like you more than John or Mulligan. Not to mention Burr. Do you have any idea now?" He paled visibly at the suggestion, his plans not quite revolting around marriage or any kind of commitment.

"I do but I can't help you. I'm not a man anyone should marry." [Name] was expecting the rejection, to be honest, she was expecting that more than agreement.

"I understand. Let us not talk of this matter anymore." She softly patted Alexander's hand, trying to keep her mask of acceptance up. "It's late. Would you mind accompanying me home?" Her voice was void of any emotion she held before and for once it really unsettled Alexander but he hasn't said a word about it.


In the upcoming weeks [Name] was avoiding Alexander's company to forget about him and any feelings she had, concentrating on spending more time with Lafayette who was preparing to go back to France for help. She knew a hard time will come as the only one she could stay with is Alexander; Laurens and Mulligan positioned at far parts of the country.

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