The Federalist Papers (Hamilton Fanfictions)

Collection of my Hamilton x Reader one-shots and short stories(multiple part).
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1. A series of scandals /part one/



Although it was late and the men were retiring, many rose again, even if only for the time to look at the sight passing by their quarters. The everyday yet unusual sight was a young female around the age of twenty, namely [name]. Soldiers were used to hookers around any of their encampments but such young or graceful was rare. The closer she got to the main building, the less offers were shouted after her and more subtle stares fell upon her figure. The snow started falling lightly, the flakes melting in the [colour] hair cascading from under her shawl. She stopped between buildings, trying to find the one she was looking for when she saw a couple of officers ahead. [Name] walked up to them and tapped on the shoulder of one of them. "Excuse me, Messrs, do you know which is the main building?" she asked when all five pair of eyes were set on her. "Yes, it's over there," a straight, dark-haired -the colour of which she couldn't quite place in the quickly dimming lights- man answered kindly. But before she could say thanks for the help an other, thickly accented voice spoke up. "What business does a lady like you 'ave 'ere? I could make your stay worth it." She looked to the side to see who was speaking, the one wearing a somehow charming but otherwise cocky grin. "Thank you for your concern about my entertainment but the reason of my visit is only mine and the General's matter," [name] said and took off towards the house the other pointed at. She could swear she heard the others coo in mockery while he scoffed at them.

[Name] stepped into the hall, only a bit warmer than it was outside. A soldier barely old enough to not be called boy was sitting at a desk. "Miss, can I help you?" he asked, drawing her attention on himself. "Yes, thank you. I'm here to see General Washington," she replied and pulled the shawl from her head. The young man looked troubled for a bit. "Miss, he said no one to disturb him. He didn't made exceptions," he said fidgeting with the pen in his hand. "Please, tell him anyway," [name] forced and her pretty face displayed an expectant expression. He nodded and reluctantly made his way up the stairs. She sat down on one of the chairs, it was looking just as uncomfortable as it was. After a couple of minutes she could hear two pairs of feet coming down the stairs. She stood up from the chair happily, running up to the older man with a sweet smile. "Uncle!" she said and threw her arms around him. "[Name]," Washington replied a little less enthusiastically but returned the hug. "Come on my sweet child, we have a lot to talk about. Son, you can go back to your quarters for today," he said dismissing the soldier and starting up the stairs with [name]'s hand in his.

Once the door of the general's private quarters was closed, the atmosphere changed quickly. Her sweet, childish expression was gone, instead a slightly annoyed one was present. "How long do you wish to keep this thing up? Why is it so hard to admit you have a lover?" she asked and shrugged off her cape. "I'm glad to see you too, [name]," George started and sat down next to her. "Once the war is over, I swear I'll have you by my side," he replied and pressed a small kiss to her cheek. "You have a wife to return to. And I'll be a nameless, forgotten secret," she said bitterly but didn't pull away from the peck. "Don't say that," George soothed her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Let me cheer you up, will you?"

The bunch of officers were watching after the leaving girl while the oldest one of them lit another cigarette. "Who was she?" Alexander wondered out loud. "I have no idea, maybe Washington's daughter?" Burr said shrugging his shoulder. "She's prettier to be his daughter. And we would know if he had one," John butted in, earning a small slap on the back of his head. "You should not talk of girls in such a manner," the Frenchman scolded. They argued until the cigarette lasted and then retired for the day, leaving the case of the mysterious girl for another day.


A few days later the two officers stood confused in the hall of the commanding building. They were called in with relative secrecy and there was no clue of what they were needed for. "Do you think we are in trouble?" Alexander asked nervously. "Non, mon ami. I zhink it's connected to zhe girl," Lafayette replied with a shrug of his shoulder. Au contraire to his friend, the Frenchman saw the girl a few times out on the balcony of the General's house. Soon after the brief conversation Washington himself came down to greet them. "Gentlemen, if you would follow me," he said gesturing towards the stairs and the first floor. He turned around and climbed the stairs with the men in tow.

They entered the private office of his where another person was waiting. She turned away from the window and smiled lightly at them. "[Name], this is Captain Alexander Hamilton and this is Marquis de Lafayette. Friends, she's my niece, [Name]," George introduced each other. She made a small curtsy and the officers bowed their heads. The starting silence was broken by Washington, all of them turning towards the man. "You must be wondering why I asked you here. I have a request to make," he said and waited for some kind of reassurance, which came as two curt nods. "[Name] lives near but since she orphaned has to move out as the house is heavily mortgaged. I offered her to stay here until the weather changes to suit a longer journey, when she will move to my family. I ask you to help her move here, I can trust you with the task I hope," George finished telling the false story they came up with to have a reason for her lengthy stay. "Yes, sir, sure," Alexander, himself an orphan, replied almost at once. "Oui, we can do zhat," Lafayette agreed also. The General clapped his hands and [name] sent a thankful smile their way. "Well, what are you waiting for?" he asked, urging them on with the task. The three of them exited the office and agreed to meet up at the entrance of the encampment in half an hour.

The two men in deep conversation were waiting next to the borrowed wagon. [Name] hurried up to them when she saw them wave at her. "I'm sorry," she said a bit out of breath. "I just happened to run into Larens." "You mean, John Laurens?" Hamilton corrected her. "Yes, him," she smiled and took the hand Lafayette offered her when climbing onto the back. After that they didn't really talked, except [name] telling where to go.

The three of them sat in silence until Lafayette spoke up suddenly. "Mademoiselle, please excuse my poor be'aviour zhe other day." Hamilton held back a snort and [name] got slightly flustered. "There's nothing to apologise for, sir. Even if your morals don't, your rank allows you to treat me the way you did," she replied though she really appreciated the gesture. "A belle fille such as you should never be treated as someone who worth less than a man," he said and took her hand to kiss the back of it. "Mon Dieu, your 'ands are ice cold. 'ere, wear my extra pair of gloves," he offered. [Name] shook her head in refusal. "There's no need for it, Marquis, as, for your sake, I can't risk a rumour to rise," she said and tucked her hands into the pocket of her coat.

Lafayette was about to protest but the wagon came to a stop next to a bit battered but otherwise illustrious building. She climbed off with Alexander offering a hand this time and she thanked it with a warm smile. She walked to the door, taking off the key from the chain around her neck. After a bit of fumbling she opened the door and walked inside before the men. "I already packed up before I left for my uncle. I only have these crates," [name] said when they caught up with her. There was only three of them what they loaded in in not ten minutes. She closed the door securely and with a last glance at the building she walked back to the officers. "Gentlemen, would you excuse me for a quarter while I deliver the key to the mayor?" she asked and they nodded, both men offering to accompany her. She refused and walked away on her own.

When she was out of hearing range, Alexander turned to his friend. "You couldn't flirt more subtly," he said with a sarcastic eye roll. "I just want to open 'er eyes zhan zhe world is more zhan yielding to 'er uncle," Lafayette replied, nudging the other lightly. "What, you want to seduce her?" he asked, getting what the Frenchman was hinting at. "Oui, seduce 'er, love 'er and make 'er mine. Even if I'm married, I'm a man with needs I can't always suppress." The answer was so outrageous that for a couple of minutes Alexander couldn't say a thing. "And really the General's niece is the best choice?" he asked just before she returned to within their eyesight. "'e doesn't need to know, and besides, [name]'s charming, only a fool can't see zhat."

Even with the extra blanket wrapped around her, [name] was trembling from the cold. She was sitting between Alexander and Lafayette, the latter's arm around her against all her protests. "[Name], zhese are zhe warmest clothes you 'ave?" the Marquis asked worried about her health. She looked up from the chest she was pressed against. "Yes, but please do not worry," she replied with a kind smile. For an onlooker they would seem like newlyweds and Hamilton had to admit they looked somewhat adorable like that. "Non, ma chèri. Tomorrow first zhing, we'll go to 'Ercules for warmer clothes," Lafayette said with a voice not tolerating any complaints. [Name] laid her head back with a defeated sigh and he turned to Alexander with a smirk, as if saying 'look how far I got just this day'.


A few weeks has passed since [name] moved into the winter encampment. Although she stayed to be close to the man she was the lover of, she spent less and less time with him. With the coming of spring, Washington started planning the newer and newer campaigns, and stayed up late with paperwork and line-ups. They slept together but the only touch she received were occasional hugs in his sleep. As of late, she often found herself in the company of that very same bunch of officers she met the evening she came here. Not only she but people around her noticed this also. They were around the same age, save for Herc, and which young man wouldn't enjoy the company of such a pretty girl as [name].

One day she was reading in Washington's office as outside the blizzard hasn't yet calmed and only the bravest men dared to go out. "[Name]?" he asked to catch her attention. She looked up from the book, waiting for the older man to continue. "I learnt that you prefer the company of certain officers," he stated bluntly. "They are fun to be with. And there's nothing wrong with that, I think," she replied nonchalantly and put down her book. "Yes, there is. A young lady such as yourself shouldn't pass time with men irresponsibly like you do. Teasing high rank people and not calling them out on their open flirting will lead to a scandal. Unless you have an eye out for someone," George said with a gentle smile. [Name] felt her cheeks heat up a bit, a light pink covering her skin. "Firstly, I'm not a child and did you get used to the cover story so much that you think you can lecture me? And what if I have a soft spot for one of them?" [Name] talked back, outraged by the scornful way he talked. "I'm aware of your status. And I wasn't giving you a lecture. Please, say that it's Hamilton," he said coolly, except for the last part what was rather pleading. "Aha, that's it. You grew bored of me and don't want me to be your lover anymore. And now you'd pass me down to some goodie-two-shoe, someone I don't even love," she shouted and stormed out of the office.

The moment she stepped out of the room, [name] crashed with someone. "Look where you are going!" she barked angrily and without concern about the person's identity. The man looked after her shocked, his hand still raised to knock. After a second's consideration he turned around and leaving the matter of his visit slip away from his mind he went back to the cabin he shared with his friends.


It was the last week of the winter and most of the soldiers and officers were unaware of the slowly ending affair. Except for that five men who always seemed to get into the middle of everything. They were trying to act as if they knew nothing but it was hard since the day Lafayette marched in from the blizzard with an almost shocked expression. [Name] was sleeping in a separate bed, so uncomfortable that it often left her tired after a long night of sleep and it was worrying them. On many occasions she went to see them she ended up falling asleep in one of their beds. And that was the case that particular day too. [Name] was sleeping soundly in one of the upstairs rooms while the owner of the bed was sitting at the fire, joking around with his friends.

A yawn sounded through the room. "Man, get some sleep," Burr said a bit irritated as it wasn't the first one from him. "But [name] is sleeping in my bed, mon ami," Lafayette replied and swatted off the idea. "C'mon Laf, even the blind can see how desperately you're trying to get her," John chimed in wiggling his eyebrows and smirking. The others gave some sign of agreement. "You are the worst friends I ever 'ad," he said but stood up. "Bonne nuit," Lafayette called from the middle of the stairs before he finally made his way into his room.  An oil lamp was still giving out its last bits of light and so the room wasn't completely dark. He changed into his stylish sleepwear, up-to-date with the latest Parisian fashion. He put out the lamp and climbed into the bed, wrapping an arm around [name].


[Name] woke up almost at sunrise as the shutters weren't closed and the snow made everything brighter. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was a buff chest, moving to the rhythm of the calm, sleep driven breathing. She tilted her head upwards eliciting a small, guttural sound of displeasure from the man. She had to cover her mouth with her hands to stop herself from screaming. Feeling the edge of the bed, [name] started to inch off the mattress only for the hold on her waist to tighten and be pulled back to the center. A pair of sleepy brown eyes were boring into her [colour] orbs. She squirmed a bit to try and break free but it seemed impossible. Her cheeks heated up when she gave up on her futile tries. "Go-good morning, Marquis," she stuttered out and forced a smile onto her face.

The hand what wasn't holding [name] came to caress her cheek. "Bonjour, ma petite," Lafayette said in an affectionate way. "Please don't think badly of me, sir," she said still panicked about the situation. A low chuckle resonated in the room and his fingers sank into her hair. "I would never, although 'ow else could you zhink of a liar?" "What? I never lied," she protested at once. The only thing she lied about was her affair but surely he couldn't be talking of that. "You're doing it again. Zhough I 'ave to admit, it makes you seem as if you needed protection," he said still speaking tenderly. [Name] blinked a few times in confusion. "I don't know what you're talking about, sir. And would you please let me go?" she asked and tried to get out of his hold once again. "Non, lover girl. You may not know but it was me whom you crashed into after your disagreement with Washington."

A long silence followed his statement. Her cheeks lost all colour and her hands started trembling lightly. "How much do you know?" [Name] asked in a shaking voice. "Enough to cause a scandal. But zhat's not what I want," Lafayette said and took one hand in his. "What do you want then?" she asked a tad bit calmer. "End your affair with zhe old man. Be mine, let me love you," he replied and pulled her hand to his lips to give it a soft kiss. Her cheeks flushed again and she bit her lip. "I'm not sure if that's a good idea..," she whispered. "I zhought it was reciprocal. I already feel strongly for you and now my suffering can finally end," Lafayette said a bit over dramatically. It was true that she was thinking of him when Washington asked about having an eye out for someone but this came as bit of a shock. "I do love you," she heard the words spilling from her lips. The next moment they were captured in a gentle kiss, stripping her from taking back her statement.


To be continued in part two.

French translations

non - no, not

mon ami - my friend

oui - yes

mademoiselle - miss

belle fille - beautiful girl

mon Dieu - my God

ma chéri - darling

Bonne nuit - Good night

Bonjour - Good morning/day

ma petite - my little [ means darling]

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