Moving on

Moving on can be a hard at times. But it is especially hard for luna faith when the one guy she counted on for everything runs out when she needs him the most.

Who is the guy she counted on? Why did he run out? Will she ever move on? Well what do you think? Tell me in the comments


2. the engagement

"Daniel can you go grab some milk at the store? I need it to make breakfast please babe" I ask. "Yes baby ill be right back" he says as he kisses my cheek and walks out the door

About an hour late

We're sitting at the table eating breakfast. "Baby I was thinking that tonight we could go do something like dinner and maybe a movie would you like that?" He asks. "Yes I would love it babe it's been awhile since we went out on a date but before tonight I have a few clients to take care of but it shouldn't take long I'll be home before 8" I say. "Okay baby I love you are you son eating?" He asks. " yes babe I love you too I'm going to get ready" I say as I kiss him

After work

"Babe I'm home are you here?" I yell up the stairs hmm I guess not I wonder where he went oh well I got to go get ready. I walk up the stairs and to our bedroom. I can't believe he left. I told him I'd be back before 8 an it's only 5ugh he drives me nuts, but I love him time to get a shower.

After shower

Hmm should I wear? my black and blue skater dress with my blue heels or, my one shoulder purple dress with black heels. Well Daniel really like my black and blue dress so I guess that one. After I get dressed I do my make up and hair. Finally I'm done I grab my purse and walk down stairs to the kitchen. Hmm what's this price of paper on the counter I pick it up an it's a note. ( baby girl go to 231 west Lynn street I love you see you soon xoxo). I wonder what he has in store for tonight I guess better get going.

After the drive there

Hmm where am I it looks like an old park. I think I should call Daniel I grab my phone out and dial his number. Ring ring ring " hey babe where are you?" I ask. "Just walk to the bench by the tree there is something there follow the steps to find me" he says and hangs up. I walk over the bench an see a box hmm what is this. I open it up to see a teddy bear with another note it says ( I see you found the bear I hope you like it now go to the old wishing well on the other side of the park xoxo). He is so sweet but he's going to cause me to break my ankle with this heels on ugh. I walk across the park to the wishing well. where there's a not that says pull when I pull it up there's a bouquet of flowers with a card attached it says. ( I see you found the flowers there your favorite purple Lilly's. Now don't kill me but get in your car and go to your favorite restaurant I will be waiting there for you I love you). I walk back to my car with my bear and Lilly's an drive to the restaurant.

At Noe Restaurant & Bar

I arrive at the restaurant to see Daniel standing there in nice black pants with a blue collared shirt, with his hair shaggy looking just how I like. He was smiling at me like usual I jump out of my car and run up to him. Then I wrap my arms around his neck an his around my waist. "Babe all of this for a date you went out of your way for me" I say. "Anything for my baby girl you mean the world to me let's go eat" he says as he grabs my hand and we walk in. "Good evening sir table for two I presume?" The hostess asks. "Yes sir" he says. After we're seated Daniel says "baby I love you and I always will we have been together for 2 years now and I couldn't be happier well I could..." he pauses and stands up and gets down on one knee " if you would be my wife" he says. I couldn't believe it was this happening or was I dreaming omg someone pinch me. " Luna Faith Cliff will you be my wife and make me happier than I already am?" He asks. "Yes yes Daniel a thousand times yes" I yell he slides the gorgeous rose gold 5 diamond ring on my finger an wraps his arms around me. I start to cry because I'm so happy I'm about to marry the man I love Daniel lee Wilson. He sits back down just as the waitress comes to take our order.

After dinner

"So future Mrs. Wilson would you like to go home or go see a movie?" He asks. " let's go home I want my future husband all to myself" I say. "Okay beautiful let's go home then" he says. We get in my car since he took a cab here.

When we got home before I could shut the door Daniel picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist. Then he pushes the door shut with his foot and walks the couch an lays me down. " let's celebrate you want some champagne?" He asks. "Yes babe I would love some" I answer. After he comes back with the champagne we start to drink about and hour later both bottles are empty an we're both pretty drunk. He leans in and starts kissing my lips an down my neck he lifts me on to his lap and pulls my dress off, he then unfastens my Bra an slides my thong off. "God you're sexy baby" he says bitting his big lips. " on Daniel I want you right now" I scream. He lays me down stands up an strips. You can guess what happened next.

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