Moving on

Moving on can be a hard at times. But it is especially hard for luna faith when the one guy she counted on for everything runs out when she needs him the most.

Who is the guy she counted on? Why did he run out? Will she ever move on? Well what do you think? Tell me in the comments


3. 3 months after the engagement

Since our engagement things haven't been so great. You're probably asking how? Well We have been fighting a lot especially since I found out I was pregnant.he didn't take it so well. Since then he's never home and always says he's working late. We never spend time together. When he is home he stays in his office until he goes to bed. But that's not the worst part, the worst part is he hasn't came to one doctors appointment and won't even acknowledge that we're having a child. It hurts so much I usually stay up all night crying I love him so much I miss how we used to be I wish I could go back and do that night over again. I'm afraid he's cheating on me but I can't confront him because he's never home. I don't know what to do anymore I wish it could be all over I want the old Daniel back not the one who won't even acknowledge me or our child. I can't tell anyone I don't have any close friends an my mother and father would flip if they knew how he was treating me. So right now I'm just stuck god I miss him. ( tears run down face). I just miss the way we used to be. ( text from babe: hey Luna I'm working late so don't wait up and also we're going to see my parents this weekend they want to see us). (Okay babe that sounds good I love you I'll see you when you get home I miss you). (Text from babe: okay love you too and yeah see you when I get home). I lay my phone down and smile maybe he's finally coming around. I drift off to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of my bedroom door opening. "Is that you babe"? I ask. "Yeah it's me now go back to bed" he says. I look over at the clock it's 4 in the morning and fall back to sleep. ( in my dreams) "Daniel it's time I'm in labor" I yell. "Okay baby just stay calm and breathe we got this okay" he assures me. "Grab the bags let's go" I tell him. He grabs the bags we rush out the door and drive to the hospital. We get to the hospital Daniel parks and helps me out we go inside. " how can I help you two"? A nurse asks. "I'm in labor" I yell. "Oh well get her a wheel chair and take her to the delivery room" the nurse yells at another nurse. ( alarm clock going off). I sit up real fast "what a dream if only it would actually happen" I say to my self. I look over to see Daniel is already up. I get up and walk down stairs look out the window to see his car gone. " of fucking course he's gone why wouldn't he be" I yell. I walk to the kitchen to get coffee I see a note ( hey sorry i had some stuff to handle at the office for a few hours our flight leaves at 7:00 tonight please be ready I don't want to miss the flight I'll be home around 6. Love, Daniel). Maybe he finally is realizing what he has been doing to me and how much he is hurting me. Well I hope so for our sake and our baby's sake. I grab an apple off the counter and then walk up stairs to start packing. (Hours later). Finally I'm finished I got a shower and finished packing just in time he should be here in a few minutes.

I sit down on the bed when I hear a car pull up. That must be Daniel. I jump up and run down stairs to greet him. "Hey babe how was your day"? I ask. "How the fuck do you think it was" he yells. "I'm sorry I didn't know well we're all packed for your parents" I say hoping it would cheer him up but I had a feeling I was wrong. "The only fucking reason we're going is because they want to see you and that thing in your stomach" he yells and storms off. "Get your shit I'll meet you in the fucking car" I hear him yell from his office. I run up stairs crying I was completely wrong he still doesn't care. I walk into the bedroom and collapse on the floor bawling my eyes out. What am I going to do I can't keep letting him treat me like this I love him but I can't I just can't. "Okay Luna dry your tears and act like everything is fine you can do it" I whisper to myself. I stand up grab the bags and walk down back down stairs out the door to the car throw the bags in and get in the car. A few minutes later he gets in the car. He says nothing just starts the car an drives off. The car ride was quit the whole time except every once in awhile he would say stuff under his breathe where I couldn't hear it or at least he thought I couldn't.

We Arrive at the airport, but this time he grabs the bags an helps me out to make it look like everything was fine. But we both knew nothing had been fine since a month after the engagement. Although it hasn't been the same we still acted like we were normal an tried not to make a scene in front of everyone. We finally our bags checked and we start boarding the plane. There is one good thing about this flight and that is 1st class. We finally get to our seats Daniel puts the bags up an sits down. "So what time will be landing"? I ask him. "About 10 in the morning is that okay" he says. "Yes it's fine" I say. I turn towards the window and drift off to sleep.

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