Working at McDonald's

This short story is about person called Kitty and she is working at McDonalds at night. About 2am things goes wierd with buttons on and off ,and some stuff that she never seen before. I hope you enjoy this story


1. The Night

One night I was at work cleaning up in the cooking area. After cleaning James walks out of the door then

"Hey Kitty can you check the storage room just in case some of the foods is out of the stock will yea," said James.

Then James walked out of the door. The night the shifts are all by myself on Monday, Friday and Saturday and that was my only shifts that I got. Anyway, I went to the food storage and nothing needed to be restocked so that was all good. When I went to the storage I felt strange I don't know why but think my body is beaning shit anyway. So I went to the front desk and nobody was there so I clean it instead, Then ten minutes later the lights started the flicker and after the flickering, the power just went out. It did not scare me because it happens sometimes. So I went to the power room and the switch was on so it might have been a blackout, so I went to the front desk too see that someone has come in. When I got there nobody came in but then I heard something.


 I looked around again and there was a little girl standing the middle of the hallway where the tables were. I ask her a question but she didn't answer, then every ten seconds she moves a step and she will keep of doing that until she got up to me. She stopped and lift her head and she staring for five seconds and then she put her hand into my heart so hard. Then she took the heart out of my body. I fell down on the ground dead then the next day James walks in and sees me on the ground dead. James calls the ambulance and takes away.



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