Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


3. Work

Justin P.O.V. 

I sigh and put my phone back on the charger. I know I was probably risking having my phone number exposed but I like this girl. She seemed cute and sassy. But I don't get why I have her number and not the girl at the party last night. I mean the blonde gave me a number but I guess it's not her's. I pull out the napkin that she wrote two numbers in pink red lipstick. 

Sofia ;) 202-344-9897 202-344-9887 

I text the other number and wait for a response. 

It takes thirty minutes for the number to respond. 

From 202-344-9887 

Um this is Kevin and I think u have the wrong number mate 

I face palm and tug at the ends of my hair. Why the hell would she give me two numbers that weren't hers? Like how drunk was she.

To 202-344-9887

Sorry bro just delete my number would u?

From 202-344-9887

No problem 


There isn't a response after that and I guess he deleted it. 

The door opens and Scooter walks in. 

"You ready to go to the studio and record the rest of the album?"

"Uh yeah just let me hop in the shower real quick"

"Alright no more that 30 minutes OK?"


And with that he leaves. I grab some clothes from my suitcase and head to the bathroom. 


Melanie P.O.V. 

I wrap the black apron around my waist and go back to the kitchen. 

"Good morning Mel!" Calvin yelled waving a towel in the air. 

"Hey Cal" I smile and hug him. 

''So am I register today or in the kitchen?"

"Um John wants you in the front because he says your customer friendly"

"But isn't Megan too?"

"Yeah but she's been moody lately so it's you"

I sigh but walk back into the front. I pray today will be a slow day. 

And my prayer comes true because no one really comes in except for a elderly couple and a few students. But then I see a huge crowd of girls run down the street. Soon a black Range Rover parks in front of the bakery. Three bodybuilder looking guys in suits come out and walk in. 

"Lock the doors", The tall one said. 

Soon a guy emerges from behind them....Justin Bieber. 

He walks up and pulls out a black card. And I know there is probably more than 50 million dollars on that card. 

"Hi um I'm kinda in a hurry but can I get 2 grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and a batch of chocolate chip cookies", he smiles. 

I try not to lean over and glue my face to his. 

"Yeah sure that'll be $12.13", I smile.

He nods and swipes his card. He types the numbers in quickly as if he's done it a million times. 

"Order up," Cal yells. 

I go get the order and bring it to him but ne of his bodyguards takes it from me. 

''Uh sorry about that he's just a little protective of me. You seem a little pretty to be working a sandwich shop" he chuckles. 

"It's actually a bakery we just happen to serve sandwiches'' I correct him. 

He laughs and pulls out a hundred dollar bill. 

"I like sassy girls", he said and placed the bill on the counter. 

"Oh um thank you Justin", I say my face starting to heat up. 

"Justin we have to go" the guard groans. 

Justin rolls his eyes but follows them out the store. But he turns and gives me one last wave and a smile. 

Once he's gone all the girls run in the store. 

Words come flying at me like bullets. 

"What'd he say to you?''

"Are you trying to sleep with him or something because he has Selena"

"You look to big to be a model"

"Did you get his pin number?"

Before I can defend myself Calvin comes out. 

"Alright everyone needs to leave unless you're gonna buy something"

Most of the girls groan but grab their purses. 

The rest of the day is pretty normal.And before I know it my shift is over and I can finally go home. 

When I get home and finally turn on my phone I see Justin blew up my phone. 

From Justin:

So how was work?

From Justin:

Oh sorry u can't text during work

From Justin:

Or can u????

From Justin:

What time do u get off babe

From Justin:

text back :( mellie 

From Justin:


From Justin: I think u should become a stripper 

To Justin: Why would I become a stripper?

From Justin: U always answer when I say weird things y?

To Justin: I just got off and u won't beieve what happened

From Justin: u got hired at a strip club?

To Justin:No stupid I met Justin freaking Bieber

From Justin: Wait u live in Georgia?

To Justin: how'd u know?

From Justin: Because Justin was in Georgia...I saw on my Instagram

To Justin: He was so freaking hot I thought I was gonna faint 

u have no idea

From Justin: so u really like him?

To Justin: I wanna marry him and like we could be like Victoria and David except he's Canadian and I'm American but we would be so cute

From Justin: Well I bet he thought you were  cute too

By any chance do u work at Larry's bakery?

To Justin: um i do but how are u getting this info

are you looking me up or something

From Justin: some fans are posting pics and videos of you

And u really are beautiful mellie :)


This is long and I have a headache for some reason

Anyone have any ways to get rid of it ??


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