Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


1. Texing Bieber

Texting Bieber-Chapter 1/ Intro 


Text from 202-344-9897: Hey there sexy

To: 202-344-9897: Um who are you ??

From 202-344-9897:You gave me ur number last night at the party ...remember babe :(

To 202-344-9897: I didn't go to a party last night

From 202-344-9897:....

To 202-344-9897:So how did u get my number 

Are u some kind of stalker?

From 202-344-9897:Um no I'm not and that's rude to think u know

To 202-344-9897: What's ur name?

From 202-344-9897:So ur not going to say sorry about calling me something I'm not?! 

And why do u need 2 know my name

To 202-344-9897:because ur name in my phone is ur number and it's long and that irritates me so what is it

And I'm not apologizing 

From 202-344-9897-Um it's Justin and I think u should 

To Justin: Why should I say sorry when a random stranger text me 'hey there sexy'

You can't tell me that isn't creepy to get at 1 'o'clock in the morning

From Justin: fine I'm sorry

so what's ur name

To Justin: I'm not telling u my name

From Justin: but i told you mine :(

To Justin: For all I could know u could be some serial killer texting girls trying to get them to come over or something

From Justin:i'm not a serial killer and i can't look u up without a last name silly

To Justin: it's Melanie 

From Justin: aww i'm gonna call u mellie for short 

To Justin: I'm blocking good night

From Justin: wait don't 

And technically it's good morning now

To Justin: good morning and goodbye 

From Justin: we could become friends mellie so how about u get some sleep and I'll text u at around 10?

To Justin: Goodbye :)

From Justin: aw u gave me a smiley face

Good morning mellie :)







Well this is the intro...hope you liked it 

Also I'm looking for a few co authors for this and my other stories so let me know if you would want to 



Would you answer a text from a stranger?
What if it was from the biggest pop star in the world? 

A Spin off of my  story 'Company'

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