Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


2. Morning Vibes

9:56 am 


Melanie P.O.V

I'm eating my Frosted Flakes when my phone dings. 

From Justin:Morning babe 

I have to clench my fist to avoid throwing my phone at the wall. 

To Justin: u said at 10 :/

From Justin: u remembered :) 

And I miss u 

To Justin:shut up and how can u miss me if u have never seen me??

From Justin: because i do and we can't meet up...at least not soon 

To Justin: Y? u have some weird secret?

or maybe you keep ur victims bodies in ur house and u don't want me to see them

so u have to find a new place to put them 


He doesn't respond for ten whole minutes. And I know it's stupid but I miss his stupid creepy text. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. I was just trying to be funny but I guess my sense of humour doesn't match mine. I clean my bowl out and make my way back to my room. I grab a pair of leggings and sweater and undergarments. I head to the bathroom. 

I plug my phone up and go to Pandora. Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' comes on. I can't help but laugh. I'm texting someone named Justin and he was trying to get me to say sorry. But what if it was Justin Bieber I was texting?

"Yeah like the biggest pop star in the world would text me"I mutter and turn the water on. 

I dance to the tropical beats of the song and almost burn my eyes from the soap. Once I scrub myself clean I get out to see that I have several text from Justin. 


From Justin: that kind of stuff isn't fucking funny mellie

From Justin:i'm sorry that sounded rude

From Justin:it's just I don't like talking about stuff like that ok?

From Justin: y aren't u answering babe

From Justin:come on mellie pick up :( i miss u muffincake 

From Justin:I'll send nudes if u don't answer

The text make me smile. This random stranger missed me for only knowing me for a few hours. 


To Justin: do not send nudes and it's ok i went too far sorry

From Justin: I find it funny that u only answered after i said I would send nudes ;)

I roll my eyes and start putting the clothes on. Once I'm done I walk back to my room and plop down on my bed.

To Justin:I don't wanna see ur little wee wee so keep it to urself

From Justin:my wee isn't small love ;)

To Justin:They all say that but i'm sure it's smaller than my pinky

From Justin:then u must have one big pinky

To Justin: where do u live?

From Justin: oh r u trying to come Netflix and chill?????????

To Justin: y so many question marks and no I just wanna know

From Justin: :( :( :( yyyyyyyyyyy

To Justin: just tell me!

From Justin: oh ur demanding...i like it babe ;) 

To Justin:gotta go 2 work bye :/ jussy 

From Justin: :( ok come back soon and I'm in Georgia rn 


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